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    Wonder if anyone has thoughts or can educate me on this rod. I see a lot of "G's" and a lot of comments re which ones to look for, the power ply tubes, the chrome/cork reel seat, etc. I do own another Scott and I'm a Scott fan in general. I have a chance to pick up a used G 843/5. I really am looking for a high country trout stream delicate rod with easy this one of THE Scott G's everyone talks about or did they remake it? Doesn't really matter as long as I like it and it casts well, but I don't want to pay for a "collectors" level rod if it isn't one! Thanks in advance.
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    From my research, which has included talking to Scott directly...the original G's were 2 piece rods, and had block lettering on the tubes, not the script writing they have now.

    The reel seats were all cork, part of the handle. I would call Scott with the serial number, and they will give you when and where it was made.

    I picked up a 8' 4wt G awhile back, called them and found it was made late in the San Fran. factory, or early in the Berkeley plant...which is where the collector G's come from.

    But like you said, get it for the feel of the cast, and hopefully you won't have to pay a collector price for it.
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