FS Scott, Hardy, Ross, Nautilus, 3wt line (prices reduced)

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    All prices include shipping to the lower 48 states and PayPal fees if you want to pay that way.

    (SOLD) Scott G2 884: 8’8” 4wt in standard factory build. I’ve owned it for 2 years but never fished it. I may have lawn cast it once. Rod is in near mint condition with no flaws. These are $745 new. Selling for $440. NOW $390.

    (SOLD) Hardy Zenith 905: 9’0” 5wt in standard factory build. This is a great 9’ 5wt fast graphite rod. It’s the rod that has won Yellowstone Angler’s 5wt shootout twice in a row. I agree that it is a very good all-around long trout rod. I’ve fished it probably half a dozen times. Cork is a little darker than new, but the rod remains in excellent condition with no dings that would lead to breakage. Includes original tube and all other standard fancy accoutrements as pictured below. It even includes ferrule plugs. Rod is $650 new. Selling for $400. NOW $350.

    (SOLD) Nautilus FW3+ reel and 2 spools, titanium finish: I’ve owned this reel about 3 years and it still functions perfectly. I use the FW and FWX on all of my fast graphite trout rods, and am selling this one because it’s an extra. There are just a few minor scuffs and nicks, but nothing that risks proper function. LHW but reversible. Reel and both spools each have white 20# Dacron backing sufficient for a 5wt line. This reel holds about 150 yards with a 5wt line, and to me is suitable for 4-6wt lines and rods. It’s super light at around 4.0 ounces. Includes two original boxes, 3 original neoprene pouches, and 3 blank warranty cards. New these were $460 total. Selling for less than half at $220. NOW $200.

    (SOLD) Nautilus FWX 3/4 spool, silver: I might have used it once, and it’s in near new condition. I used this on the above reel frame, but since it is lower capacity and the finish is slightly brighter, am selling it separately for $80 including shipping. Includes original box, pouch and warranty card. It has about 60 yards of 20# white Dacron backing on it. NOW $70.

    Orvis Wonderline G3 WF3 (the standard taper) yellow – used once or twice, excellent condition, $35. NOW $30.

    Photos of the rods and reels: http://fiberglassflyrodders.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=44783
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