Screaming Deal On 14'mckee In Longview


John or "LC"
Came across a 1982 14' McKee Craft with trailer and a 60 HP Johnson by original owner for $1500 asking in Longview, Portland Craigslist. Never sure about the linking policies here so just find the Portland CL and Google McKee and it should come up.

A McKee Craft, like several other builders, is a Whaler knockoff by ex-Whaler designers. A comparable Whaler of this vintage would sell for about $3500, at least down here. Some people feel a McKee is heavier boat than a Whaler, but they have always had a fine reputation.

If you're looking for a good power skiff and don't mind an old 2 stroke, i would jump on this one. If wasn't 12 hours away I'd be in the truck with cash in hand now.