Swap Sculpin Swap


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yeah it will deffinately not be that... i will send you the fly i have caught more cutties on than anything else though... just as a special extra for being 1st.


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Ok, i said 6 weeks from the close of the swap. I hope that folks can get 6 flies knocked out in a shorter time frame than that. i know 2 of us are already done so we should be good to go sometime in april.

THE OFFICIAL CLOSE DATE WILL BE FRIDAY MAY 8TH.. I need flies in hand with a SASE by this date. Lets get it done and start fishing.


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sent out PMs with my address to everyone but spey and oz... spey, hopefully we can meet up and get the feathers in your hands and the flies in mine through a FTF... if its not going to work out i can always get my addy for you as well.

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
Mine are going out today or tomarrow, I settled with a double bunny articulated sculpin....bulls and cutts should be all over them. :thumb: