Sea Bass Blitz at Neah Bay

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    Well, it started as a Blue Shark trip with Alpinetrout, Brian Paige, Ron and myself. We added on a day of fishing with the Batson Enterprises gang (Rainshadow rod blanks) to make a full weekend of fishing the salt.

    Friday: We’re off and running! Brian picks us all up, and we are on the road. Full beer cooler and a vehicle full of 8,10 and 12 wt rods. :thumb: Cruising right along… until we get to the ferry line. :mad: Well, a couple of short hours later we made it across and headed out to Sequim. :) Saw the new Batson Enterprises offices and warehouse, did a bit of shopping while we were there! (FYI for you rod builders: I cherry picked some pretty nice burl reel seats…)

    Saturday: Got up at 5 to meet Josh and Kerry for a day of bottom fishing out of Neah Bay. Rockfish love big, ugly bunny flies and clausers for sure!

    Sunday: Our Blue Shark day with skipper Chris Bellows….went 20 miles out, but could not find the warmer band of water where the sharks are found. So – headed back closer to shore and got in another day of sea bass and ling cod fishing! Alpine had the catch of the day with his rockfish – lingcod combo!

    More pics posted in the gallery. Overall, it was a great trip, awesome to get out on the salt with friends for a couple days.

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