Sea Lions shot on the Nisqually River

alright ill bite...killing sharks for killin humans is one thing,but a regulated hunting season is whole different story. if there is not enough food to support a growing population of seals then i dont see the harm in havin a extremly regulated hunting season. and sense puget sound orcas are not seal hunters i say we take back our roll as hunters of the seal like we have for thousands of years. also to ensure only the weak were consumed, special rules like kayaks and canoes only, no firearms, harpoons, clubs, or perhaps 14 wieghts and winter blackmouth imitations... you gotta remember we are animals and our roll in the food chain can be just as crucial. if only i could have seal skins for kayaks, seal meat for my belly
All I am saying is that with dwindling salmon and steelhead stocks in Puget Sound and increasing predator populations things are not looking up for our remaining fish. Obviously the balance of predator to prey ratio is way off and has and continues to be a contributing factor to the low survival rate of our salmon and steelhead whether it is while they are juveniles or adults. Cormorants, mergansers and caspian terns feed heavily on juvenile salmon and steelhead and seals and sea lions eat a larger and larger portions of our shrinking populations of salmon and steelhead each year. For the past twenty or thirty years this problem has gotten worse and worse and I think regulating the predator population would be the responsible thing to do.
If only the WDFW would regulate all predetors there would not be such an issue with them impacting our fisheries more than normal. This includes but is not limited to seals, sea lions, cormorants, mergansers and caspian terns.
and nets...?
Well, I'm not exactly devastated over this news. The population of these guys has exploded on the west coast in recent years.
I bet every native american and animal said the same about us Europeans too.

Guess what? Humans and fisherman that catch and release for sport aren't number one, numero uno!!
The rest of this stuff is such bullshit coming from humans-THE number one f*** up in the system, people, are humans!

Control predators??? Get real. All the WDFW does is control their budget and self interest, aka look busy to collect a check.

The biggest problem, and correct me if I am wrong, is that there is an overpopulation of the most destructive creature the planet has ever known. Humans. And that is something we can't turn back on now. We screwed up the mountains and streams by rape of the trees and nesting gravels, then we overharvest in the ocean and on return, then we want to blame it on seals and such. F**** ridiculous!

Don't worry, our grandkids or greatgrandkids, tops, will see the last wild salmon..and seals..


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Well, I'm not exactly devastated over this news. The population of these guys has exploded on the west coast in recent years. Remember the situation in San Francisco where they took over the wharf area docks, crapping all over everything and folks were fearful of getting arrested for harassing them if they tried to shoo'em away...what happens when we start putting policies in place that upsets natures balance.

Remember Hershey and his band of buddies who were chowing down major poundage and playing with half eaten steelhead at the Ballard Locks? I'm hoping a few more pods of Killer Whales take up residence in Puget Sound :thumb:
good thing the human population has yet to explode and impact native wildlife populations....heavens to mergatroid!


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Fact is it has...what would be your recommendation to resolve this dilemma?
solve it for who is the real question. this generation? while maintaining the status quo? then the answer is a resounding, "nothing". but if you want to solve it for future generations fairly radical sacrifices will have to be made. kill some sea-lions, i'm personally ok with that. but to frame the fundamental problem as being the "exploding populations" of sea lions seems revisionist imo.