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  1. I'll be in the Seattle area the second week of this month visiting my daughter for her birthday. We would like to go fly fishing and was hoping someone would make a few suggestions as to places to go.

    Our experience is very limited and to just trout at this point. I realize at this time of year steelhead is popular in your area but I don't think we're ready for that yet. Just looking to create a memorable day on a beautiful stream with my daughter. Catching fish, although nice, is almost secondary.

    The Snoqualmie has been mentioned as such a place. Which fork would be recommended? Any suggestions as to access points? Any detail will be most appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    The Snoqualmie forks is a good choice. But not to try to steer you off,most of the rivers around here are usually high and muddy because of the rain. I would try one of the sponsors of this site for info on the Forks. Like Creekside Anglers in Issaquah. I'm sure they could point you in the right direction. Jim S. :COOK
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    There is also the Yakima River, but for trout in the winter, most of the fishing goes on in the lakes that are open to fishing. Pass Lake is a fly fishing only lake that is open all year around, and has been fishing well with chironomids lately.

    The other shot is to fish for sea-run cutthroat, which are found along the beaches of Puget Sound. There is an excellent article on linked to the index page for this site about fishing for them.

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    Hello Ralph- I believe we spoke a while back so I'll just say that fishing for the coho in the salt has really pick up. If you get snowed out of going over the passes, give me a call and I can steer you toward some fish in the Sound within an hours drive.

    Capt. T Wolf