Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

I don't think I've casted that much in the entire time I've been ffing.My right arm feels like it may fall off.Sadly I found my self looking at 7 & 8wt fly rods last night.The beginning?
Thanks for my first steelhead outing boys.
Just wait - in a few months you'll get a grab for one of the summer run fish and then - it's all of but the cryin.

See you at Al's around 5:30-ish
Chris you better not be showing everyone those secrets spots I showed you with all the big fresh native fish in them...:D
No worries...Chris could have shown me a run with chrome stacked up like cord wood, but I'd still rip the hook out of their mouths due to my lack of experience and end up with 0 hooked, I suck at fishing
Thanks for the heads up Ben.I had to talk to Todd for like an hour.Just kidding Todd.I'll be in Chile so I'll see you guys in a week or two.Get some steel while I'm away.