sekiu rental?


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having never been there, is there any difference between curlys or rippers in sekiu for boat rentals and /or a place to sleep.? is there anywhere to buy flies? i am looking for bucktails. mike w
I have a place up there. Just got back. I don't know if there is much diff between places up there. I'd give them all a call and check the options. Sorry not much help with the boat and sleeping thing since I have all that set up for myself. However I can tell you the runs are late this year. I fished three days and only caught one Coho. No Kings. The Pinks are just starting to fill in and are a little spoty still. OK size 3-6lbs. The fishing should pick up any day now.

Good luck....


I've never heard of Curlys, I have heard good things about Van Rippers though. Like FishFreaky said I'd call them both.

The coho fishing has been real slow at sekiu from everyone I've talked to, I know 2 people who were bucktailing yesterday all day and got 0 fish and 0 bites. You might consider Neah Bay if the weather is looking promising. Don't go all the way out there and short yourself, neah bay is 10x the fishery sekiu is, and is only 19 miles further. :p