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Here's a Sekiu report from Sunday (taken from our website)
Sekiu and Pillar Point - July 5th, 2005

Sekiu offers fantastic fishing, good facilities and calmer water than Neah Bay. If you can’t (or won’t) go to Neah Bay, this is your best option. We at Puget Sound Fly Company (253-839-4119) hope that this report will help anglers plan their trip and prepare them with up to the minute conditions.
FISHING: Fishing was great. Unfortunately the Silvers were few and far between. We hooked around a half dozen and kept one really nice hatchery hen. The Rockfish fishing made up for the salmon quite easily. As we entered one of our favorite spots, we saw a few fish boil. After a few fish on the standard ‘Striper’ setup, we switched to poppers. Over the next several hours, we caught and released dozens of Black Rockfish right off of the

If you are reading this report and are grumbling because you don’t have a boat, don’t fret! We did all of this out of rented ‘kicker’ boat from Van Ripers Resort. ($100)

Check our photo gallery in a few days for some pictures!

FLIES: Shock and Awe, F.F. Herring, Clouser Minnow, and Floating Clouser’s



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we caught some out at N.B. 3 days ago. Not many but a few. seemed damn slow out there but it is still early. plenty of rockfish though kept things fun.

Jim Kerr

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FIY, small batch of pinks in area 9. Probably hoodsport fish. Decent # of Kings and silvers out of La Push, seems to be improving steadily. Still a long way from wide open, but better bit by bit.