Seward Ak.

I am going to be in Seward Ak. for a week in July. Where do I go
and what do I need (rod size and flies). Any suggestions.
We will be fishing the upper kenai and other lakes and streams.
What weight rod for the upper kenai?
July is a little between different seasons in that area. I fished the area in July 09 and fished the Kenai 1/2 day w/ a guide from the Troutfitters out of Coopers Landing. Great outfit and our guide was great and offered great info on fishing the area on our own. Fishing was mostly for decent Dolly's, but we scratched a few small rainbows. I fished an 8wt, but a 6-8 wt would probably suffice. Depending on the run size and timing, the King Salmons 1st run should be over or ending and the Red Salmon should be on. You can fish dollies in the saltwater from shore in Seward depending on runoff conditions and one of the rivers in Seward as well. Over towards the Kenia, you can walk/wade for Reds near the Russian River / Kanai confluence. I'd use an 8wt for the reds and get some good Coho flies with Owner or like quality hooks. You could really get quality hooks and tye a spartan fly and catch the reds pretty easy just roll casting 5-10 feet off the shore. I had good luck walking Quartz creek as well near the campground. Beads or egg patters work well, Estaz egg in pink or Orange, but apparently the colors very each eason, but a lot of Dollies and pretty scenery. Scene Black and Brown Bears on the Russian and lot of Brown Bear scatt and prints on the Quartz. I really want to do that trip in lat September and on a fishing only trip rather than family vacation with some fishing mixed in. Coopers Landing is only a 30 minute +/- drive from Seward and it's a nice drive. We were also hindered by abnormally hot weather in the high 70's low 80's at times and a lot of Glacial silt and runoff in the rivers. Good luck.
I'd bring your 8wt as the reds will probably be thick then. Regarding the bead suggestion....make sure it's part of your fly. Part of the Upper and all of the Russian are fly only then. There is also a hook size restriction. Good luck!


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I regularly use a 4 a 5 a 7 and a 5/6 switch in that part of the world. (usually I have all three rigged in the boat, 4 with dry (PMDs Green Drakes and Caddis are usually coming off good by then), 5 with nymph/flesh/egg 7 for salmon and the 5/6 for nymphing from the boat)

I'd also consider a 8 or 9 for reds, something for kings (14' 10 maybe), and a saltwater rod for halibut/ling/rockfish/salmon in saltwater (9/10 weight with T 17 and intermediate shooting head)

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