SF Clearwater


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Hey all, I'm new to the site and wanted to get my feet wet. Ive been getting the itch lately and need to find somewhere to throw my line. Has anyone tried the south fork of the Clearwater lately? Or is it too muddy? :hmmm:


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Hehe. Saw a few rise but unless you are fishing choke points with snagging gear or bobber/shrimp then wait 2 weeks. I tried all my sweet spots and they just havnt stacked up yet.


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My buddies were there two weeks ago and got 20 fish between 3 of them, both swinging and nymphing. How do you have sweet spots when you're asking us where to fish while also getting skunked 2 days on the SF, which I thought was impossible this time of year. Don't mean to bust your balls, but come on now!


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Fished the main stem of the CW last week. Water was falling. 8 hookups and 4 native hens landed in 2 long days of fishing.

Ended up using beads. First time I tried them. They are effective
Pardon my ignorance on this fishery, but my curiosity has been piqued.

Is this fishing for summer steelhead that entered the Columbia system 9 months ago and are now in the upper reaches of the tributary systems while in spawning mode? Is that a correct assumption, or am I totally off? Are these wild fish, or hatchery fish?


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Summer Run fish- predominantly hatchery. "Pounding the nest..."
I've been there- buddies are there now texting hero shots, but not for me.
It's a harvest fishery, and can be fun. Just not my Steelhead Experience of choice.