SFR: Best Sippin Whiskey

Not Whiskey (been avoiding the sweet stuff lately..), but my some of my recent expeirences with whisky in the <$40 crowd:

Very Good:
Abelour 12 year, $37 - rich and smooth, a little sweet but not bourbon/molasses sweet
Highland Park 12 year, $37 - So good, smokey, long burn

Tamdu 10 year, $17 - light, smooth, very nice
Famous Grouse 10 year (blend), $17 - simple, a little smokey, smooth

Not very good:
Famous Grouse 12 year (blend), $25 - not bad for a second, but rank/harsh finish. I don't know what to do with this bottle.
Bowmore 8 year islay, $20 - too flowery? I don't know, it's just not very good. A little water helps.

Pikesville Straight Rye, $9 - Sippable, but makes a great Manhattan if you are in to that.
For $20, Old Granddad will keep your belly warm and won't put a lot of hurt on your wallet. If you want to stay local, try McCarthy's Single Malt from Oregon - smokey and delicious, but about $50.
Several years ago while on a tour of the UK, the motor couch pulled into what appeared to be an empty lot in a small village in Scotland, save for a dozen or so porta potties. While all the women were qued up, I noticed a bottle shop across the street with a sign proclaiming over 400 varieties. Inside, I discovered they had set up makeshift tables with open bottles of scotch whisky and small plastic cups. Help yourself, free of charge. And if there is anything you care to sample that is not out here, let us know and we will bring it out. :beer1:

Having just come from a week stay on Islay, and sampling some of their whiskeys, there was one I had heard of but had been unable to find. A blend of Islay malts called Black Bottle. The owner disappeared to the back of the store, returning with the Black bottle. I left that store with four different bottles of whisky.

Another whiskey that came highly recommended was Glenfarclas 12 yr old. I once found a bottle of 105 cask strength at an unbelievable price. Must say it was some of the best I've ever had.

Trader Joe's has a fine Ilay single malt called Finlaggan. Interesting bit of history attached to that stuff. We found the place while over there.
Not a whiskey per se, but good sippin'.........Lagavulin 16yr Single Malt.
Rich on the palate with hints of sherry; finish is long and smooth.
Pairs best with strong flavors and that's the truth, pfttttttt.
If you like Lagavulin try McCarthy's Single Malt ... $20 cheaper and equally as good (especially when you consider it is from Oregon and only 3 years old).


steve s

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I also agree with Highland Park and Balvenie Doublewood. Those two are my favorites and I always have a bottle of each in the cupboard. I also like Lagavulin but prefer the other two.
For $20, Old Granddad will keep your belly warm and won't put a lot of hurt on your wallet. If you want to stay local, try McCarthy's Single Malt from Oregon - smokey and delicious, but about $50.
The McCarthy's is an exceptional bargain at it's price. I find it superior to Lagavulin and Jura Prophecy and has the same peat aromas and flavors.
My go to

end of a good day = jim beam
end of a bad day = Maker's mark
holiday = knob creek
special occasion = basil haydens
really special occasion = bookers

Chad Lewis

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Buffalo Trace- A new one for me, and it'll be a keeper. Will probably be my "flask" beverage this winter.
Makers mark- classic, enuff said. I like to make Mint Julips with it when I'm feelin' my roots.
Glenfiddich- a 12 year bottle of the Glen is always good. I consider it a bargain.
Oban- My favorite. Did I mention that it's my favorite?

Rick Todd

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Famous Grouse is my go to-it seems especially appropriate after an upland bird hunt watching the sun go down. 12 YO Jamesons is also very good. At other times, Woodford Reserve tastes great! Rick