SFR: Best Sippin Whiskey

John Dude

Learned skills from George Dickel
I don't know about "Master of Whiskey", but I knew a lot of people in college who were Beer-Drinking majors.

I once drank Jack Daniels, but after being introduced to George Dickel, I won't ever touch JD again. Too tart. George is very smooth. Especially the 12 year old stuff that WSLCB has been stocking.

Same story with Tanqueray gin, I only drink Bombay now. And Bushmills went by the wayside. If its Irish for me, it will be Jamesons.

A friend's daughter turned 21 a few years ago and I gave her an assortment of single shot bottle of all these, plus a few others, so she could learn early on that being on the top shelf doesn't mean the booze is good.


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Note to my Canuk friend who remarked on prices here vs. Canada: I feel your pain, I bought a bottle of something in England and paid in Pounds Sterling what I'd pay in USD. Taxes, I presume.
Taxes indeed.

Here is a little story from a trip across the Rockies last winter;

Having recently been in the republic of Alberta, intel on the cold side of the Rockies suggested I find Willow Park Wines and Spirits of Calgary, in my quest for a fine dram.

Ok, so the accomplice and I break into the store just prior to the 10:00 am opening (this was pointed out to us by the personality deficient clerk) If there ever was a Scotch nirvana (in a store at least) this place was it. I really don't know how many brands but it was many.

Quickly scanning the vast selection, I determined lesser brands were notably less expensive than here in ''bend over'' BC.

Soon I was joined in the otherwise empty store by a rather upbeat in house Scotch expert. A few questions to determine my knowledge and vise versa, and then the serious interrogation started. I saw a nicely priced 18 year old that I was unfamiliar with and asked about its characteristics. The talk soon turned to some bottlers brands. Hmmm, my experience with these has been excellent, so I was intrigued. Anyways, after more talk the aforementioned expert says wait here for a moment, and returns shortly with a glass of the Aqua Vitae. Not just a tiny sip either, but enough for a couple good swigs. I swirl the glass and nose it, oh man, I had to take it in a couple of times. Then finally I taste the stuff.


A stupid grin crosses my face as I have a second sip, savouring the long finish. I look at the expert and take a bottle from the shelf. He says to me wait here, I'll be right back. I could have guessed what was coming. A fresh glass and another generous taste of the nectar. Swirl, breath, oh, shake my head, taste.

Ok this is going to be expensive.

Simply one of the finest Scotches I have ever tasted. I look at the expert and smile. Its barley 10:15 and I have probably around $50 of scotch in me had I been in a bar. The expert not only knows Scotch but also how to make a sale.

I left the place with a bottle of Berry Bros. and Rudd (Berrys Own Selection) cask strength (58.7) limited bottling of 1998 Laphroaig and a bottle of 1985 Glenrothes speyside, for under $100/bottle. I'll have to see what they would cost over here.

The best part is I managed to get the stuff home intact...