SFR Kamado ceramic grill/smoker

The reason I inquired is I have the opportunity to pick up a "blue" ceramic tiled 18" diameter model with the extra "Gas" option, 4 cases of the charcoal and double SS rack "NEW" still in the crate, for $500 OBO.
I have no personal cooking experience with them, although I've had some good food at a BBQ done on the "Big Green Egg". From what I've searched, the Kamado is superior in several ways.
I was hoping someone here had one.
I have one. I'm still using how to use it, but it truly kicks ass. This is the best part, besides owning the thing. I put up a request on Freecycle to see if anyone had a spare BGE they wanted to give me, and someone offered me a kamado that their dad had brought back from Japan. So I have a nice, well-loved one, all terra cotta, and 100% free of charge.

Greg Smith

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I have been messing around with a Kamodo for thirty plus years. It finally started showing it's age and I replaced it with a Primo oval Jr. you can really mess up and still have a good meal. If you get it right, it a\can be unbelievably good.
The big green egg is another kamodo brand.
As for cost: my first kamodo cost $100.00 and lasted 30 years. My Nephew made me put this cooker in my will.
If you get the cooker, be sure and use lump charcoal.

Mark Walker

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If this works, here are a couple of pics of the said "Kamado" cooker.

It's a toss up between this ($500 OBO) or a 7 foot bar with a built in "Traeger" Professional 124 BBQ, SS side burner, and SS Danby fridge (all less than a year old) for $2000 OBO.

Trouble is, I already have a good 5' tall, 6 rack smoker and a small electric Luhr Jensen smoker I use for fish or anything I want to "cold" smoke. My old Weber charcoal grill takes care of the high temp stuff. I'm afraid (from what I've read) that the Traeger won't achieve the high temps for grilling since its peak temp is around 450 degrees.
Anyone care to speak up for the Traeger against the ceramic cooker? It's temps will range between approx. 180-1000 degrees.

Thanks to all for your input thus far.
Great score Allison!:thumb:

Ed Call

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Mark, that sure is one PURDY looken peace of poorcelan! How heavy is that thing? Can you use it to fire up clay pots, blown glass and such too?
I own a Traeger Lil' Tex. It will get to 450-500 degrees range, but it takes a long time to get there (45 minutes). And once there you don't get that nice flame seared effect that you get with the Weber. (I have a small Weber I keep around for burgers and steaks.)

Where the Traeger shines is its ability to basically bake chicken, pork, fish, roasts, pizza, etc. where you want a higher temperature (300-450 degrees) without the direct flame heat. If you end up with a Traeger get the thermostat for it. It allows to to control the temperature fairly well.

The Traeger is also a very nice smoker if you want to smoke in the 180 to 220 degree range. Without add-ons it won't cold smoke. Pork Butt, Brisket, and ribs are awesome out of it.

Mark Walker

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Thanks for your input estill. The one I'm looking at comes with the digital thermo and SS lid. The fellow is supposed to send me some pics today. I'll post them if I can.
What "add-on" is available for cold smoking? I must have missed it on their site.
I don't see it on the Traeger site. It bolts onto the end of the Lil Tex and Tex models. I can't remember if I'm allowed to post a link to a non-sponsor so Google "Traeger Cold Smoker"

Now that I'm looking at the pictures of the Professional model I doubt you could even adapt the add-on to work.
I have 2 ceramic smokers/grills. Both are Big Green Eggs, they are similar to the one you are asking about. They can smoke low and and slow or sear steaks at 750 degrees and everywhere in between. Google Big Green Egg or Kamado for lots of info on there forums. Ceramic cookers are amazing.