SFR: Removing dead fish smell from dog who rolled in it...

Tomato juice goes in the beer or vodka.
Use some brand of lemon dish washing liquid.
Vinegar rinse.
Citric acid is what removes the smell.
Tomato, lemon, orange juices will all work.
I hope this doesn't turn into another "Keep your dog on a leash thread"

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Brings back memories of carrying my Blue Heeler into the shower, as temps were nearly freezing outside at the time. What a battle that was! I just used dog shampoo. Dead skates are fun to roll in...yeh!!

I use white vinegar to etch aluminum before painting it! I'm sure your dog would love a bath in that!

By the way Gary, what do you personally use to get the skunk off? You being the resident "dirty dog.":clown:


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FWIW, my first attempt was with standard dog shampoo and then a rinse with "Natures Miracle" de-skunker. I'm usually of the opinion that 'natural' remedies are not as helpful on strong jobs as the nastier stuff. But we have used Natures Miracle cat-spray remover in the past, and it works very well.

The de-skunker seems to work okay. But it's main ingredient seems to be rubbing alcohol, which concerns me (and overpowers it's supposed "citrus" smell). I think in the future we will use a vinegar rinse of the sort suggested here.
Apple Cider Vinager is a good one. I put a D ring in my shower for just such an occation. Lot easer to scrub a Wheaten Terrier with her lashed down! My Otterhound, that is a different subject. He hasn't rolled in stink just yet!


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I had a collie mix that rolled in dead critters and even had a direct blast from a skunk. I was down wind and nearly barfed from the smell. My cloths stunk bad and I needed a few showers before I couldn't smell it on my anymore. When I went out to find my dog to wash it, it was surpised to find she didn't stink at all. Just her same nutural doggy odor. Somehow she had a natural stink protector...


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This really works...from the Spokane Spokesman-Review from a decade ago.

One part hydrogen-peroxide

One part baking soda

A dash of Dawn Detergent.

Mix apply to dog and rinse after five minutes. Oh yeah, it was for skunks.
But if it can get rid of skunk odor...dead fish are a cinch.
iagree Have to second (or third) this one. Vet recommended and worked well when my dog met a skunk.


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Abby rolled in some Sockeye 3 times in one week last fall. I tied her up outside each time, hosed her down, shampooed her, soaked her in vinegar, shampooed her again, and banished her to the back hall. 3 months later at the groomers (4 baths later), the groomer asked "Did she roll in some fish? I am sure I smelled it in her."

I also hear you can wash them in tomato juice and bury them in the backyard for a week.