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    i have been tying shad flies on a 1197b hook but am about out and cannot find any in the hook and hackle catalog. what number of muatad hook is an equivalent? am i using the right hook? mike w
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    An old time shad hook that goes away back to the 1950s in California is the now defunct Mustad 3908 C, a silver plated hook, in size 4. The 1197N should still be available through the Wright and McGill website. For years it was a favorite among winter steelheaders primarily in the gold or nickel finish. The pattern we used in California and later in Washington is as follows:
    Hook: Mustad 3908C (actually any hook of similar style and weight will do)
    Body: Usually fairly fat chenille in red, chartreuse or hot orange and sometimes just oval silver tinsel.
    Eyes: Silver bead chain, medium or large (never heavy lead eyes or thickly wired hook shanks)
    Hackle: White, red, chartreuse, hot orange.
    I don't recommend "improving" this grand old pattern. If you design a modification of it, give your modification an entirely new name and simply reference the original.
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    Les Johnson