Shadow box display

I am moving one of my offices, and will share the room with someone of the female persuasion and she is planning all the decorating, which doesn't mean much to me. However I would like to keep my corner to be a reflection of my interests, and my wife suggested I tie some flies and place them in a shadow box to hang on the wall. I'm liking that idea. Have any of you done that? I'm thinking of some dries, nymphs, streamers and steelhead flies. Not doing the highly dressed salmon fly thing. I would like to see or hear of any ideas of whT others may have done in the past

I usually do this for some of the display poppers I tie to be raffled off at my FF club's annual conclave.
They are mounted using a #5 straight Bugle Crystal Bead(from some place such as Hobby Lobby) or
two to elevate them from the foam board I use in place of the board that comes with the shadow
box. A thin mono is run through the board and the bead and around the hook bend in one place and
the hook eye in the other. Scotch Brand Magic Tape is used to secure the two ends of each mono
strand tight.

If the fly is relatively flat, you can just run the mono around the hook in two places to hold the fly
against the board backing.

Jim Darden

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Sorry to tell you this Wayne but you are not going to win this one.....Initially you will be tolerated but eventually you will be remanded to the basement!.......I have all kinds of original art about fishing and duck hunting but it is all in the basement just sort of migrates that direction over time...