Shark Flies

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by flyrod2, Oct 2, 2005.

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    Getting ready for a trip to the Yucatan & was looking for some suggestions on Shark flies. Saw quite a few on the flats last time & would like to try them on flyrod. Someone said to just use my Barracuda flies......

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    And put plenty of scent on them.
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    Reds and yellows seem to work along with typical baitfish patterns, probably more important then the fly is getting a wire leader. When I was targeting sharks I found a lot of them to be pretty skittish, it didn't take much to spook them.

    If you can, catch some small fish, chop em up and chum in some sharks. Never know what else might show up to!
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    In my experience the key to catching sharks is getting them to see the fly. So Ibn’s suggestion of bright yellows and reds is right on. Chum can really help get the fish excited as well.
    Since it sounds like you’ll be on the flats consider this as well. With most ‘flats’ fish, you want to lead them by casting some distance directly in front of them. Sharks don’t seem to see well and placing a cast to the side of them, will often attract more attention than a fly placed in front of them.
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    The advice here is great. Bright colors are awesome. but there are some specific patterns that you should include in your arsenal. You did not say which species of shark you are after, and that is very important as different types go for different things. I offer up the following suggested patterns based on shark species:

    Nurse Sharks: Stick a 13/0 hook inside a Dr. Ken Doll (from Ken and Barbie Go To Medical School Action Kit) so it protrudes from Ken's rectum. All nurses will glom on to a doctor and will not let go. Make sure it is barbless, it will be hard enough to get the Nurse to release her grip. The reason for the rectum hook placement is so it is near his wallet, or back pocket, area. that will be her target.

    Great White Shark: Similar to the above, but you stick a hook in the butt of an Aquaman action figure. If that is not available get a GI Joe Navy Seal Diver figure. But that alone will not ensure strikes. You must place Aquaman/Joe inside a small cage. Make one from chicken wire. My many hours of Discovery Channel gazing have taught me clearly, whenever a diver is inside a cage, the Great Whites materialize out of nowhere. They are drawn to cages and will try to eat whatever is inside.

    Tiger Shark: I have a recipe for a great rotten steak fly, made out of a hunk of old brown shag carpet. The more cat or dog hair the better. If you have no carpet, use the neighbors pomeranian or chihuahua. (and you all thought I was going to suggest sticking a hook in the butt of a Siegfried and Roy action doll.....but that would have been tasteless ....)

    Thresher Shark: really easy. Tie a fly that resembles wheat stalks. You will tail hook him when he comes a' threshin', but that is where the real fun begins!

    Maaco Shark: Tie a fly from a 3X5 card that says "Earl Scheib Rules". Earl Scheib is the Maaco's sworn enemy. He will come, he will destroy. Nuff said.

    Lemon Shark: My favorite pattern is the old standby, a Lemon Meringue Wulff. Use really fluffy white antron for the meringue, as it needs to float high. It also works as an indicator with a My Boss Sucks dropper (a Lerch doll fished just like the Dr. Ken doll, with similar hook placement. You can add your boss's facial features with a black sharpie.)

    Hammerhead: Ridiculously fly with good motion will nail 'em.

    good luck, post some pics of your adventure. :thumb: ;)
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