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I wanna start carrying a rod/line for picking apart little holding lies tucked in close where little 20' casts with short often light sink tips are the order. I want something integrated so I don't have running line junctions clunking through my guides. Thinking maybe a switch chucker or an ambush might do the trick but not 100%. I'm thinking my 896-4 XP may be a good tool for this. Anyone have experience in this department before I drop $80 on a line?
During the summer, I often fish such water using my Echo 5 weight switch rod, an Ambush triangle taper shooting head, and a 10 foot M.O.W. tip with a 5 foot section of T-8. (As a side note, if I need to get down a little more, I just switch to a weighted fly.) If I had it to do over, I would have purchased the entire line and not just the head, for the exact reasons you mentioned. But otherwise, I am pretty happy with it.
Another vote for an Ambush line. When I read what you wanted to accomplish, this line immediately popped into my head. Spey and rollcasts great, and overhead casts like nobody's business. Not the best mending lne, but still better than a head with running line.



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Chucker is better than Ambush if you are throwing heavy flies and sink tips. Plus the mending section is reason alone to get the line when compared to Wulff. I have fished them both and prefer the Chucker. (also for fast rods like your XP you will want the added grain weight provided by the chucker)
Make sure to try the switch chucker before you buy it. I'm not at all impressed.
My buddy picked one up for bobber fishin,, it was painful. Mending in that application was laughable but it did seem like it had a use for sink tips and streamers.

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Short head/integrated running line, ambush ftw. Inspect it first, I've gotten bad ones off the shelf where the running line had flaws in the coating near the head. Only really bad thing is that they tend to wear out at the loading point. I got about a season and a half of heavy use out of my last one off the beach spey and over hand casting. I think not rinsing the salt off daily made the line more brittle. And the loops kinda suck.


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Ambush is good for overhead, not that awesome for nymphing or swinging.
Speydicator is the best for nymphing - floats like a pool noodle. Hucks t11, but it's ugly.
Rio Switch is ok for nymphing right out of the box, sinks and requires floatant treatments after 6 trips. Good for swinging summer flies, but nothing over t8.

I've just resigned to a speydicator for nymphing and compact skagit for swinging.


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Switch chucker is amazing when paired right on the rod. Just be careful, the 5wt switch chucker grain weight is messed up. Avoid that line at all costs.
I don't see any bobber fishing in my future, this setup will be kicking around the boat to swing/strip/high stick those little bath tubs people walk by, stand in and cast over.


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If its for boat fishing don't get the switch chucker. Its designed for more spey type casts. Get the ambush