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It is Steve Farrar's Flash Blend with some silver angel hair.

I also tied some up with a body fur head. I will post some pics later.

Moved a brown already on one but he didn't commit. It is such a light fly to throw.


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So I tied up a couple of these. Eyes still popped on ones I just glued. However, I glued one and then shot it with some UV and those seem to hold.

The next ones I will tie up with cct body fur heads just to give it a little different profile and a bigger surface area for the glue to stick.

I've had nothing but bad experiences with those eyes. When I was first getting into bluewater fly fishing, I tied up a bunch of flies with them. They get destroyed really quick. The outer clear plastic usually ends up tearing off, the pupil falls out, and then you're left with this tattered flap of plastic hanging off the side of your fly and making it swim funny.


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The pattern did pretty well on the 8/17 trip. Ten fish in the boat and at least another 5 lost all on cast hookups. The fly in the original post is still offshore in the mouth of something capable of burning 300 yards of backing in seemingly a few seconds. I'm sure it was just a big albie, but I have never had one take that much line that quickly. The ones we landed were ass-kickers pushing 30lbs and possibly one or two slightly over. None of those fish took more than 150 yards. My buddy Joe's son Ted was using gill-plate versions and it took me all day to match his 5 in the boat. I also had a brief hookup with the shank fly in the pic above. I've never used shanks so not sure what happened there. Maybe I need to use thicker, less flexible loop material than the 50# Spectra?
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For other species I have always liked to use a stiffer material on my stinger hooks so that it is always sitting where I want it regardless of current or movement.


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Forgot to add that most of the flies we caught fish with on Thursday were tied with the angel hair color "baitfish". It's darker and more blue than the peacock and looks closer to a real anchovy.