silvers..what up?

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anybody been catching any silvers lately, i'll be out tomorrow morning (in the salt) and i'll be sure to let you guys know how i do. i've got mixed reports from my saltwater sources but am looking for a freshwater source. anyone had any luck?


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The Sagit is pretty dead as of yeaterday. I went up to the pipe line crossing on the South Skagit Hiway looked at the river, no fish showing, nobody catching anything, no hits, nothing. Checked around at the big bars around Mt. Vernon and the same, nothing. Went to the county access down on fir island above Conway by the happy smiley face and nothing down there either. No silvers anyway.Cutts and dollies if you can find some acess. Walking down the dikes around Mt Vernon can be good for cutts pretty much scattered so expect to do some moving around. Boat would be nice. But I think the river is just to low to bring the silvers in. Hopefully a couple of days of rain will do it.


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Fished 2-Bit on the Sky yesterday for several hours. Saw lots of fish moving through in the early morning and then activity dropped off around 10:30 am. They were not interested in what I was offering (floating line/egg-sucking leech).

No bumps and only a small cutt were all I ended up with. The river is low and clear. I hope others had better luck.
just remember, throw 'em back

went out this morning to possesion point and shipwreck and got rods in the water at 6:30 and pulled out at 11:00. all in all, pretty darn crappy fishing. hooked 3 legit fish, landed 2. 10lbr and a 7lbr. 12 silvers and 2 chums for 33 boats checked including our boat. i cant believe it. there was a hell of a lot of people fishing the snohomish, had to be something going on.
Fished northern Hood Canal on Friday and blanked. We saw lots of silvers in a small estuary and after they moved off, lots of chum. No hits, no runs, no errors. We did get into some nice cutts on topwaters-- the largest was about 17 inches with no small cutts in the area.

I'm about to give up fishing for fish about close to their natal streams. I'm thinking that by moving into area 9 and hitting prime traveling/feeding zones, I might be able to actually catch something other than cutthroat-- not that I mind cutts in the least, especially on top.
just remember, throw 'em back

once in the river, what kind of water should i look for silvers in? in other words, where do they bite best? i thought froggy water would be a good spot as that produced best during last year's humpy run. those were humpies though and i wasnt sure if silvers bit in the same water. also, do chum daddies like to hang in the same water as coho? obviously, im qite a novice when comes to freshwater silver slaying. any help would be appreciated.

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Silvers are in thick in the rivers. Mint fresh and some colored hooknoses. Been some great fishing last couple weeks. Biggest so far is a 17# buck, mint with sealice. But have lost alot. May have to beef up my line, snapping off on alot of snags though. Lost over a dozen spinners and about half dozen flies to silvers last 3 days. But has been fun. Fishing vacation starts in a week. I'm pumped. Just hope we get some rain. Fish won't move up the tribs since they're all so low on the coast.

Sorry, almost forgot. Hey C-, look for brushy areas (hence my breakups). They usually lay up in spots where you'll find downed logs and obstructions. Lost one easily in the upper teens due to a submerged log.

For flies, I use big flashy flies, normally krystal flash in silver with a mixture of misc colors. I prefer mostly silver with either a bit of green, red, or pink colors mixed in. Quick retrieves with a pause does the trick. Did on Sunday. :BIGSMILE
Hi All,

A newbie here, but was mainly interested in potential Silver and upcoming Chummies. I talked to a few gear chuckers up north on the Sammish (B'ham) and they have said there has been decent Silver hook-up's. From what I've experinced though, it is pretty much combat fishing.

Any news on Snohomish, Sky, and Skagit action would be welcomed. You guys have a great site and forum from what I've been browsing over the last week or so. Looking forward to sharing and receiving information from you all. :COOK
there is plenty of salmon out in the sound, school after school, trie casting flash flies off migration routes for them in area 10,11. this year it peaked during the first week of october for me for silvers, there is plenty hit migration routes for fresh fish. plenty of fish. dont want to even get into it but alot of rivers and streams that should have fish are empty cause water levels are so low around here right now, everythings late my buddy who works at a fly shop around here today told me that everybody has the same story coming in. flash flies or jigs at migration routes have been the killer. not much else takin them.