Simms Freestone Felt Boots

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    Simms Freestone boots are made on a form (last) that is wider than any other boot in the line or the industry for that matter. So if you have wide feet this is the boot for you. You can actually buy your shoe size and they will fit. I have a 11EEEE foot and when I bought wading boots in the past I would have to buy a 12 or 13!! to get a boot wide enough.
    These are the BEST value in the entire Simms line. A super quality boot, good ankle support and ankle protection. The felt is thick and durable.
    We have these boots in stock in size 7 through 14 the price is only (drum roll please) $99.95 yes sir that is for both boots.
    If you want a great boot for a low price this is your boot.
    Shipping and tax added if applicable.
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