Sit on ToP Kayaks for fishing

Chris Bellows

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The main point is that lifting a kayak by yourself to truck bed level is pretty easy...just slide them in until they butt up against the cab end of the truck bed. Put a red warning flag on the end of the kayak so some dumbass doesn't impale their radiator on your protruding kayak. Very fast to load and unload.
carrying in the truck bed is way easier than a roof. i use a truck bed extender which makes it even easier.

Truck Bed Extender

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I just read an article over on on the "top ten fishing yaks of 2013" and noticed that Nucanoe now makes the Frontier in a 10' solo model. That looks like something that would fit in the back of a truck.
Beamy at 38"+ wide, so it won't win any races. But I think one of these might work with a trolling motor.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Those are fantastic prices; I would snap one up. You will put your own dings in yours in short order anyway.
If I was serious about picking up a Frontier right now, I'd be wasting no time checking those out. Most times that you see a used plastic boat up for sale, it is advertised with the caveat, "Has the usual scratches."

Although the 10 footer sounds easier to handle and might be something I'd like to add to a quiver of small craft, if I could only have one plastic yacht, then I'd go for a 12 footer. Generally speaking, I think 12' length is perhaps the best compromise between paddling efficiency, easy handling, and easy transporting in a fishing yak.
However, you have to balance considerations about the length with weight and width, etc. The Nucanoes are a bit heavy and wide, but are stable and will take a motor.

I was looking forward to Native's recently introduced "Slayer"model in the 13' pedal version ("Propel"), and it looks like something that I would prefer over the Hobie Mirage drive yaks, except that it weighs more than what I am looking for. At 101 lbs, it is going to require a beach cart, and maybe a trailer.