Swap Skwala Swap

Hello all-

Well I was recently supposed to participate in my first swap headed by Ron Eagle Elk, and I was very excited. Right when I joined I knew I was going to be moving and thought I would be able to find a place quicker than I did, and then once I did find a place I had to get all my stuff out of storage and put my house togethor, all while going to grad school. I.e. this left little time for setting up the tying stuff. However, I have been set up for a while now and am tying like a mad man for the upcoming spring season. I thought it might be fun to do a skwala swap. As said before, Ron's swap was going to be my first one so I have never headed one, but it sounds like a fun time. If anyone would be interested in doing an adult skwala swap let me know. We could aim for like a 2/3 week deadline so we will actually have a chance to go fish them. Might be fun to do swaps aligned with the Yak/Idaho/Montana Hatches as the year progresses. Anyways, hopefully some people will be into this. If not, no hard feelings and I will try and join the next one I see posted. Suggestions would be welcomed as well. Maybe even a skwala adult/favorite baetis, or a skwala nymph/skwala adult....? I would prefer the swap to attract original patterns from experienced tyers. In other words, I have fished and tied the Pat's stone plenty and am looking for some more innovative patterns. That was not meant to sound arrogant, I just really like coming up with and fishing my own patterns, or patterns that not everyone who stopped by the local fly store on the way is fishing so that the fish have all seen them before. Anyways, let me know. Talk to you all soon.


Ok all, I am starting a list, lets see if we can get some more people! Lets start with one favorite skwala dry and if it goes good we can maybe do a march (april) brown thing with a soft hackle and an adult. When we get a full list I will get you all an address and we can set a due date.

stclairj - Another bullet head style skwala
yuhina (Mark)- skwala adult
PassMan- Bullet Head skwala