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  1. Last weekend Thomas and i floated the skytucky and it was pretty dam low. I dont think i have ever had to row that hard or long on the sky ever. I have google earthed a bunch of areas and it appears there is a couple potential take out points that are possible with one man toons. Does anyone here do mini floats on the sky and be willing to share a secret in a pm?

    Main reason i ask is i am often off at 1430 and on river by 1530, normally i just fish a bloodhole or hike to a spot. however most my spots i know of fish best above 6000 CFS. I would put in at high bridge or gold bar dependent on length of the day left.

    any knowledge or advice is greatly apprecieted
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    I once had a book that listed all the Access points on the Skykomish, Snoqualmie, and Skagit rivers. I believe that the book was made or printed by Hennings,Out of Portland Oregon. It was called Hennings,Western Washington Fishing or something of that nature.

    I've seen the book on It has quite a bit of info on Western Washington rivers.
    I gave the book away when I moved to Montana. I believe that Chadk has it.

    I just went to and found the correct name of the book. Henning's Western Washington Fishing Guide. It's a paper back. First printed in 1990. 15 bucks on Lots of good info on the local rivers in the greater Seattle area.
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    You could take out at that elbow hole on Reese Rd. Or a little further down by those rip-rap fingers. Would only really work in a pontoon, though.
  4. cruik that was my plan on the elbow, there also looks like one off levee that would be doable
  5. Already got em. Thanks the old man

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