SBS Sloan's Paralyzer SBS


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Pretty much a parachute Stimulator; stonefly, caddis, hopper, attractor, whatever. Tied here as a Yellow Sally; the foam butt is my contribution (you're welcome).

hook - Dai Riki 280 #14
thread - Uni 8/0 Lt. Cahill
butt - 2mm foam red
shuck/legs/tail(?) - Krystal Flash pearl
rib - tying thread
abdomen - dubbing yellow
body hackle - grizzly
wing - bleached elk
thorax - dubbing yellow
post - Congo Hair white
hackle - grizzly

mash barb and attach thread at 66% mark; leave the tag end long for the rib

original pattern called for calf body post, tied in at start; calf body leaves a pretty big bump which caused me problems later on and the post also interfered with later tying steps (especially the wing), so I scrapped that sequence and added the post after the elk wing was tied in

tie in a 2mm x 2mm strip of foam and wrap back to point above the barb; fold foam leaving an extended butt

tie in KF; fold back on either side of foam

dub thread; dub body

tie in hackle; original pattern calls for hackle to be trimmed short, I just undersize by 2 (this is hackle for an #18 hook)

wrap hackle back to bend (I like it pretty dense); capture hackle with tag end of thread and rib through hackle to front of abdomen; tie off/trim rib

trim hackle on top short

clean, stack and measure (let it extend hook gap distance beyond butt) a clump of bleached elk

tie in elk; trim butts and cover with thread

tie in a clump of Congo Hair (or your favorite poly yarn) at midpoint of thorax; post up and tie in hackle (oversize post hackle by 1)

dub thread, dub thorax; finish with thread at base of post

grab hackle and start wrapping post from top down

cram as many wraps of hackle as you can; let it hang down, take 2 horizontal turns of thread at base of post to capture hackle, half hitch at eye x 2, SHHAN, trim legs, trim post