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ive been wondering what the smallest hook you can tye a fly on is ive seen some size 32's but nothing smaller:confused: is there any thing smaller?


i dont know what your gonna do with anything smaller then a size 32..... but i dont ever wanna tie any patterns on those.... i think alll you can immitate that small is water molecules or air bubble so the fish will inhale it and get caught that way. Down to that size i think you have to get some 10 x tippet!

Charlie S

Confrimed Reprobate
As I said below, the smallest commercially available hook is a #32 Tiemco TMC 512. In the past I tied on some #32 Mustads. The gap on those hooks was considerably smaller than on the TMC, the main measurement for the hooks being the length of the shaft, not the gap. I also have some #40 blind eye (just a flattened section at the front of the hook, no eye) that I got while serving in Japan. They are pretty soft, extremely small, and not suitable for fly tying....I got them for the conversation value. I have tied a lot of flies on #30 and #32 hooks. Biggest fish on a #32 was a 17" Brown. Largest on the #30 was a 22" Rainbow. You need some of the Frog's Hair 8X leader tippet. I tie the flies to an 18" tippet while still at home when I have light and a vise to hold them. Curl up the tippet and fly and store them in a special box. Then I tie the tippet to a #18 or larger dry when I think I can do well with them (more often than you would think) and do a lift strike with no pressure whenever a fish rises within 18" of my bigger dry. There is no way I can see that piece of fluff over 10 feet away.