Smallies on the lower Yak

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Well, I have heard that this has become a great fishery in the last few years. I thought I would give it a try but I know nothing about it.So, I guess I am asking what to look for structurally, and what flies to use. If anybody has suggestions on places as well, that would be appreciated.Is it typically done from a boat, or is there wadable access? I have heard that an 8 wt. is the commonplace for bass, but the biggest I have is a 6 wt., would that work? Any help would be great. Thanks - Trevor :DUNNO
I fished for smallies on the columbia. look for slow to medium water, a little current with rocks, they like the rocks, golf ball sized rocks like for rail road. they eat sculphins and crawfish,leeches for there diet at least where I was fishin on the columbia. probly harder to catch on a fly but maybe not never fished for smallies on fly. I know white jerkbaits with a 6 penny nail in it for weight was killer. and tubes and jigs wich reprensent crawfish are good. same with a nightcrawler rigged solo with a split shot or mojo for the current. if you catch any bass on a fly rod throw it on the table. gonna try the early spring and pre spawn with a crawdad fly and 12ft sink tip on my new 7wt on the many smaller lakes around my house. good luck BEn
Fly fishing for smallies on the lower yak is very fun. You should go anyplace from Prosser down to the mouth. There is a diversion damn at Horn Rapids which has a good set of rapids right below that. There are tons of smallmouth and the are very easy to catch. Any type of streamer or leech will work. Especially Muddlers. It is very fun to do throughout the summer because there is also a good run of kings on the Yak that not to many people know about and if you are lucky you will run into a few while fishing for smallies. A six weight is perfect for the smallies. Most fishing around horn rapids is wading but it is pretty fun to float for a couple of miles in a canoe or raft and fish. And one last thing. NEVER EAT ANYTHING OUT OF THE LOWER YAK!!!

I have fish the lower in spring. Right behind the apartments onthe the by-pass in Richland. I used black wooly buggers and muddlers with some success.
Good luck
Al the Fly rod from N.J. :THUMBSUP

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Thank you all for the advice. I will most likely use it in a while. I would've written sooner but I was at the 3a state basketball championships, where our team took fourth (Go rams)p.s. I dont play b-ball, I am in the band. Thanks again - Trevor
This past summer/fall I had some success floating, having a few 20 - 30 fish days. I put in at the Twin Bridges area and then pulled out at West Richland. The float generally took about 5 - 6 hours.
I started out using a float tube, recognized that I had a great opportunity for fishing close by, and purchased a pontoon boat to cover the water more easily.
I had most of my success using a silver zonker, though the leach and muddler patterns were sometimes the only flies that would work for me. Tried fishing top-water a few times, but never had any luck.

Best of Luck!