thousands of the little green buggars are swimming around where they spawn in 5 ft of water or less. went out yesterday morning to actually see if I could get some fish with my dads kicker motor and there were fish chasing baby smelt by the thousands. I was using a 2 inch streamer with 3 wraps of lead wire so I would have the fall down with sparcely tied with white yak hair then some green krystal flash and on top 4 strands of peacock hearl going 1/2 inch past everything else. silver tinsel wrapped around hook shank. then epoxy head. its an easy fly but very effective. caught over 10 fish in 2 hours one was 18 inches. then the fish just disapeared but the bait didn't. seen a sea lion but didn't mess with me had my .357 snub nose pointed at his head if he got any closer. not even messing around with these things anymore after my last incident. told the national marine fisheries if one threatens my life again or makes me feel uneasy he's dead, they said ok use your judgement.

yesterday was a low low tide, went to the point at the drop off if you fell in you would climb out of a sand pit, it goes straight down to 150 ft. but the tide was moving so fast there were clouds of krill just going by. no bait and no fish. didnt have the equipment to fish deep but would have been a good day to. today also with the low low tide. was walking in the tide pools and collected some baby bullheads and eels for my cold water marine fish tank, gonna get a baby rockfish and put it in there. probley kill everything. well see ya on the water
How do you have a cold water fish tank? I have always wanted one and couldn't find a device to keep the water cold, what do you use?I have a 70 gallon tank right now that would be perfect but like I said I don't know how to keep the water cold. What kind of fish do you have in your tank? Can you please tell me where you got the cooling device or where you can currently get one.ANY INFO WOULD BE GREAT. THANKS.
I have a 45 gallon tank with a saltwater rated power head for the gravel and a whisper power flow. keeps the water real purdy. have peat rocks for the gravel and bigger rocks as structure. have 1 bullhead sculphin and some sort of eel in there. planning on catching a baby flatfish for 1 side of the tank and a baby rockfish for the rocky part. I got salt water from the bay here took half a day going back and forth luckily I'm minutes away from water. gonna sea about rock weeds and little frond of kelp but have to sea what it takes to keep them alive. hardy fish I guess just need clean water. these fishes range are from baja to alaska so there probly pretty adaptable to the slight warmer water. but I should check into that myself on trying to keep the water colder then in the 60's. but if they die there free at the shore later Ben
Fish Pirate:

If you e-mail me, I will send you an application to the Libertarian Party. permit - cmon, give him a break! :AA


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So you support just plunking fish into a tank of water with no research on or attempt to meet their physical needs because "if they die there (they are) free at the shore"? Sometimes permits are a good thing... Especially on shallow tropical flats :)


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First of all puget sound is no tropical flat and theres nothing wrong with taking your catch and putting them in a aquarium if they are caught legaly and are part of the allowed daily catch such as rockfish and most other bottom fish.There are plenty of bullheads out there and keeping a few is not going to put them on the endangerd species list.Now if your keeping a lingcod under 26 inches in puget sound thats a different story, then your poaching plus there are fewer lingcod then bullheads.GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR AQUARIUM. :THUMBSUP


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word for the day

"First of all puget sound is no tropical flat"

I wasn't calling puget sound a tropical flat. See the word permit is a homonym. You know like two words that sound the same but mean different things. So when I tell a libertarian that permits can be good, especially on a tropical flat, I'm making a joke. Get it? Libertarians don't like a lot of government involvement so they don't like permits being required to do things. But when you are talking about the fish named "permit", which live on tropical flats, even a libertarian would agree that such a fish, named "permit" is a good thing on a tropical flat, especially if the aforementioned libertarian has a crab pattern tied onto his line and is ready to cast. To paraphrase the late Foghorn Leghorn "I keep a pitchin' 'em son, but you keep a missin' 'em" :WINK
Are you sure those aren't your knuckles bleeding?

Good joke, wow I missed that one. :TONGUE
Speaking of lingcod I caught a 13 pounder on a 12" inch flounder friday near point defiance.I still have not found a way to catch those toothy critters on a fly. We have caught the lings in 40 to 50 feet of water in our little honey hole. :THUMBSUP


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lingcod down deep

Try conehead (tungsten if you are independently wealthy) hot orange, or fluorescent white with pink, and all black 4 to 6 inch bunny leechs, on a line that will take you down deep enough. no more than a 3 foot leader is all you need. I've always done better on the hot orange, and yes I have researched the whole "color at depth" charts. I've still done better on hot orange. My former boss was determined to set a world record for lingcod in the 20 pound tippet class and since he owned the boat, we did alot of it :) Check the IGFA record book and you'll see why he was interested...
lingcod down deep

hey fly15 if your gonna be dragging shallow reefs and legdes with a fly here's a little secret. use the bass hooks with the metal weed guard as your fly hook. no snags. top quality hook and the only problem with them is the cabezon make them pretty funky with there powerful jaws. to be honest with ya I have never landed a trophy ling on a fly but have got them to 40 lbs until they made the area a mpa on like you said a flounder. but I have spent many afternoons catching alot of fish when the salmon bite is slow fishing for shallow water bottom fish. in all actuallity Its one of my favorite places to fish beccause theres a key word (action) and have never seen anybody else doing it in the sound. it seems if you cant clip a downrigger to your bait no one will fish anymore from what it looks like on the water. tight lines Ben
lingcod down deep

What kind of shallow water bottom fish are you talking about?
Also what fly line should I buy for bottom fish and salmon in the sound?I was also wondering what kind of flies you use for the bottom fish?Once I buy a fast sinking fly line I will be out there fishing the depths. :THUMBSUP
lingcod down deep

cabezon if you got the right pattern. greenling, copper and quillback rockfish, caught a 8 lb canary in 40 ft of water one time almost soiled myself. baby lingcod. have never got a big one over 15 on a fly in puget sound. youd be so surprized how many shallow water spots are there for the serious angler. flies are 4/0 bass hooks with lead eyes or cones with WHITE body with a red head of some sort. keep it all bunnie leech except maybe the red and thats saddle hackle, these are easy cheap flies that the fish have never seen a flie before. use the weedless bass hooks and drag it thru some eel grass for partridge sole and cabezon. I could go on and talk this all day but use herring/shrimp/crab/squid/ scents. they all work in the right sistuation. keep the flies about 4 to 5 inches and fully dressed. bunny leech sways and dances to them. I use a 8 wt with jim teeny t-400 line. it sinks like a rocket but dangerously overloads the rod. watch out for your eyes. cast out feed it line until its resting on bottom and slowly retirve. they smack it hard. if it hits hard at first then gets weak bring it up slow because its a rockfish but cabezon are the hardest fighting bottomfish you will encounter except a trophy ling or copper rockfish.en