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  1. Just got back from Fred Smith's shop in Samish island. 10' pram that just been totally refinished and ready to fish! 5 layered marine grade mahoghany, very light and tracks excellently. My original plan was to restore this boat and fish it, but I saw the 8' pram and fell in love with it, so I can't have them both.

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    So help me out here.
    The boat in the picture is the 10' boat you want to sell?
    It sounds like you bought a fixer and now want to sell it so I am a little confused. Nothing new here!
    It was completely refinished at the Fred Smith shop?
    The two guys in the picture are not included in the sales price?
  3. Yes, the boat in the photo is the 10' that is for sale, and was restored by Fred, pictured with my dad (no, they aren't for sale), just for size comparison. I'd purchased a used boat with the intent of restoring it myself. It was weathered, and needed to be sanded down, stripped and re-varnished. Yes, Fred and his son in law Ron spent the past few weeks restoring the boat, both inside and out. I ended up wanting a smaller boat and had him build an 8' that I picked up as well. I don't think you'll ever get Fred to leave the island, hes got a good set up: clams, oysters, salmon, Morel mushrooms... and his GF lives up in Bellingham. God bless him...

    PM me if you need more answers to your Q's.

  4. Some guys were asking about the dimensions.

    118" L
    56" gunnel beam
    39" bottom width
    15" transom height

    It weighs in between 65-70 lbs and will fit inside a full sized truck bed. Here are more photos...
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    Nice boat Paul - wish I had storage for another right now - I'd buy this one for the kids!
  6. I love these Smith built boats... very nice and classic looking.
  7. TTT... I fished out of it last week with a buddy of mine. Very stable, and very easy to row. The lowland lakes open up next week! Get your groove on!
  8. You snoozed and you lost... 10' Smith is sold.
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