Smoking Pinks

Guess I am diffrent I like maple or fruit woods to smoke pinks. I keep a maple tree around just to smoke and barbacue with.
What I really would like to try is cannng some this year for a great sandwich spread
The key ingrediant is to catch, bleed, and ice all within a couple of minutes. I like the Luhr-Jensen recipie of 2/3 apple and 1/3 cherry. It adds a sweetness to the fish that is excellent. It also helps that I keep my apple and cherry prunings for smoking various protiens. I am a woodworker so I have used many different woods and it's fun to experiment.


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I've been throwing some plum chips in with the apple alder mix too with fine results. We'll have to do the Beveridge Place gig again it was fun.


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Hey, all you humpy haters, they're fine table fare if caught from the salt. Skip the river run fish and your opinion will change, I promise.

One thing we don't lack here on Whidbey is alder and humpies. I use alder because it's free and works great. If you don't cut your own wood just find someone that does, or buys it, and pilfer a log that looks good and smells like clean, dry wood. Not mossy or moldy. You can use a hatchet if you like big chips. But if you can work with smaller chips a 1" spade bit on the cordless can make shorter work of it.

I smoke in a cardboard box. My box is about ready for replacement. I'm using it for it's last hurrah right now (local market had whole, wild sockeye on sale for $6.99lb!). The box smells so good I'm considering eating it.