smoothing over knot connecting fly line to leader butt


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I like to tie a nail knot to connect my fly line to a 18 inch butt section, then i use a blood knot to connect the butt section to the butt of the leader. ( I have used the pre made loops and do not like them)- My question - What methods do people have good success with to get the knots to go smoothly through the guides (ie put aquaseal on knots etc)


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I don't use anything as about the only time the knots go thru the guides is when I'm just starting out or when I catch something but lately I haven't had anything on long enough to reel up my line. But aqua seal is a good one to use. But it takes just a little while to dry before you use it.

As for the loops, I've been kinda steering myself to them as when you go to a multi-tip line is that they are there. Also if you use those sinking type leaders they also have the loops. Never used to like them but change is coming.

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i have used super glue. it reinforces the knot as well as smoothing it over. its cheap too, only a dollar or two at a craft store. somone told me that it will eat your line. i havent had one problem and i use it on every knot i tie, anyone had trouble?


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I just figured this one out today for my own personal preferrence. First I get those pre-braided loops that some people dont like. I personally did not trust them until I used them today. After I work the braided part up the fly line, I then move the "shield" over the end of the braided loop connector. I then take super glue and smooth the ends of the shield over with a tiny amount of glue.

I caught two, I repeat two, salmon roughly 30 lbs each today and the only thing that ever gave way was MY knot on the fly. Just my two cents though.

:THUMBSUP I like to use Line to Leader Links. They are kind of a cigar shaped gizmo with holes in the ends, and slots along the sides. I have never had any problems with them passing through the guides or failing to hold tight. They are available at most sporting goods stores. If you are in the Spokane area, you can find them at the White Elephant. They are also available at Cabela's . com in the flyfishing accessories section. They have started making them in colors now, so you can use them as a (really) small indicator on a floating line.
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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I've tried those things,but I could never seem to trust the knot thing you do to your line and leader. Do they really work like they say they do.

Iv'e never had a problem with the knots not holding. Just tie a single overhand in you fly line, and if you tie a single overhand in your tapered leader and it doesn't hold when you tug on it, then just tie a double overhand. The biggest problem I have with them is finding the hole in the end of the gizmos with aged eyes.
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What do I know---I'm just an old man

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I use a product called "knot perfect" forms a little bubble over the knot to aid it through the guides. also strengthens the knots too. use it on all knots, surgeons, inproved clinch, etc. got it at Fred meyers. Don't know why fly shops don't carry it. :DUNNO YT
I use a five wrap nail knot to join the leader to the line and then the surgeon's knot from there to the tippet. I tie my own tapered leaders. I've never had a problem with the knots hanging in the guides.

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It is safer to use 2 nail knots over these braided loop connectors up near the end, trim the tag end tight with the upper nail and then use UV Knot Sense or Pliobond on the knot and butt end of the connector.

Also I prefer the Kevlar Trout Loops for leader to line when fishing for salmon, steelhead and the like.. They are both stiffer and beefer than the regular braided connector, meaning less hinging and safer.

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I'm a big fan of the braided loops, but I don't trust the heat-shrink connectors they give you to hold them in place. Instead, I wrap the butt of the loop with thread or mono, apply a drop of superglue, then slip the heat-shrink over that to smooth it out. Since I started attaching them this way, I haven't had any problems. Previously I had two loops slip off. One on a fish and one on a log.
I use a Super Glue connection where the leader butt is glued into the braid of the fly line after the cover is stripped off with nail polsh remover. I made a small field kit and I can change leaders if I have to anywhere and about as fast as a knot. There is nothing to catch the guides. There was an article in Fly Fisherman a few years ago and I've been using it ever since. It's tough, you can't pull it out if you construct it right. The only downfall is it uses an inch or so at the end of the flyline each time.