snake gaiters/boots/chaps


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The areas I hunt for grouse are above where I would expect to see snakes. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've never seen one. Boots for me come in two sizes, 6 and 10 inch. Early on it's the shorter boots, later that taller ones. The short pair is lightweight and GoreTex, the taller one is leather and GoreTex.

Chaps are on once dew is prevalent in the mornings or I'm busting heavy cover. Filson single tins do the job except my jeans tend to poke out the bottom just enough to pick up some dampness, no big deal.

In summary only the short boots are used when it's still fairly warm out.

Why do you ask?

Jim Ficklin

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Never have worn snake protection, ya Bonny Scot. Haven't encountered many rattlers, either but I DO exercise situational awareness, give the snake the shady side of rocks/bushes/etc. on hot days & the sunny side of same on cool days. And I was bitten by a rattler in MT back in the day (dry bite, but scared the hell outta me & I became ever-so-aware since. IF I had the urge, I'd likely opt for tall boots. I do wear double-tin Filsons on occasion, but that's driven by inhospitable vegetation, not reptiles. I believe that a viper would have to work to punch thru them & the snakes in this country aren't exactly heavyweights with scads of body mass.

Alex MacDonald

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Jan and i were up near Twisp (SHAME on them for having such a fantastic bakery!), and I damn near stepped on the thing-8 rattles, about 2.5 feet long, maybe a little less, and not rattling at all. Jan unfortunately put two rounds through the front end of his new Judge .45lc, first one missed completely, and the second took a chunk out of his hide, which seriously pissed him off. So I'm thinking if I'm going to be cruising around in snake country, why not be safe?


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I'm curious: how many of you use the above when you're out chasing birds in the early season, when it's still (sorta) warm?

I have taller boots and pretty thick brush pants so I don't wear snake gaiters. I am just more careful hunting doves or until there has been few really cold nights I stick to grouse and won't hunt quail/chukar/pheasant. Not worth losing a dog over it.

I did almost step on a 3 foot rattler in the timber on the top of the Colockum but it had been cold so it moved slower than my patented 20 ga jump hip shot.

Steve Call

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I'm told they're in the area we hunt grouse, but I've never seen one. I wear 10" boots and heavy brush pants, and don't worry about it. (Knock on wood).

Rick Todd

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I was hiking into Robinson Creek a couple weeks ago (awesome fishing BTW!) which is off the road out of Mazama to Harts Pass. On the way out, in shorts and sandals a large rattler crossed the trail right in front of me. (wouldn't you know I was ahead of my two friends!) I just watched him crawl away through the underbrush, but was a little more cautious after that where I stepped. I also saw a black bear about 40 yards away on the same trip! Rick