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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by salt dog, Jun 5, 2005.

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    Feb 9, 2005
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    Edmonds WA / Mazama
    I was fishing the minus tide at the beach by 6:20 am Saturday; overcast and zero wind; had the beach to myself. Picked up a couple of scrappy 10" cutts, but not much going on so I left by 8:30 am.

    I went to the public beach just south of me, trying to beat the low tide which was at 10:10 am. The rocky point was being worked by 2 fly fishermen, so I gave them room and started fishing the shallow sandy area between the derelict boathouse and the point, working the eel grass and other areas attractive to cutthroat.

    Bait fish was moving around me, and the occasional fish was boiling, with some jumpers. I picked up two 10" cutts pretty quickly on a small dark olive sand eel pattern. Some larger fish were jumping further out which I focused on; I got casts to them but no hits despite casting lots of patterns.

    I switched to a popper and right away picked up a nice 12" cut that pounced on it, and then the fly got gently slurped by an 18 inch Sea Run in shallow water; I landed him but I missed another real nice size fish on a short strike/missed set(?) The 2 guys fishing the point left; said they both got skunked after 3 hours of throwing to risers without success.

    Five fish from 10" to 18", plus a smattering of Sculpins and flounders, I'd call that a very nice day at the beach. :thumb: I saw one very big fish jump out of the water that made my jaw drop to the floor It was way too big to be a cutthroat and too dark. It was within casting range, but I got zero takes. Nice to know big fish like that are moving around in the shallows!
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    Good report. That big fish was probably a dolly.


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