Snoq Clean-up\BBQ question

BYO Food\Drink or have "cover charge", and provide food\drink, etc

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*********** EDIT************

So it's settled now.

$10 min donation gets you into the drawing and some great BBQ.

You can come and BYO stuff if you don't mind not being in the drawing and enjoying the albacore, burgers, brats, etc. Should be extra room on the grill for your grub...

Drinks will be very limitted. BYOB is recommended. We'll have plenty of ice water and some soda and beer - but bringing your own or some to share would be nice.


Should we do complete BYO Food\Drink w\ no charge, or offer food\drink with 'suggested donation' of about $10?

I'm thinking of the $10 approach.

It would get you:

Name entered into drawing (for donated prizes - TBD)
Food (BBQ, chips, etc)
Drink (soda, beer, etc - sorry, no kegger here :))

We'll also have some gear demos, WFF Hats for sale (Chris?), room for casting practice, tables for fly tying, etc.

But of course, the big draw is getting the chance to meet some WFF guys, fish the forks for wild trout or the lower river for salmon\steelhead\SRCs - and participate in a riverside cleanup effort.

More info coming...

Chris Scoones

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I have a lot of fresh albacore I'll be bringing. If we can arrange enough thick cut bacon to wrap it and some room on the BBQ I can feed quite a few.

I'm still working on a few payment / shipping items for the hats so I'll likely have most of them available at the function. By then I hope to have another color as well.

I'll be bringing Thomas & Thomas Helix 4 and 6wt rods for demo for those that are interested. I'm still working on the reels and lines so you'lle likely have to put your own on for the time being.


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Fresh albacore - bacon wrapped, on the BBQ - man, my mouth is drooling already :thumb:

Guys, I've seen the hats, and I think you'll like them. I've tried the 6wt rod and it rocks. Looking forward to casting the 4wt next :beer2:
Bringing ones own stuff to cremate and drinks could make things easier. At the least people should bring their own drinks.

The $10 has to cover lots of stuff, like garbage bags and dump fees, charcoal briquettes and probably a bunch of ice to keep things cool plus who knows what else like paper plates and plastic utensils. Maybe some pickles and mustard and some bacon for the albacore. A few bags of chips and what ever else one can think of.



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That makes sense Dave. (the poll feature only works if you actually cast your vote :))

I know many supplies will be donated, so that should help.

With Chris providing some tuna steaks, that will also cut back on some costs as well. I still plan to have burgers and dogs or something too.

Also, I think Bright Rivers will be providing some fresh native steelhead fillets and Old Man will be brining some of his famous Beer Batter Smolt Sticks. mmmmmm :rofl: :p

I actually expect to have some money left over after the costs are covered. Any extra money will be donated to the WFF site.

If anyone wants to come who needs to travel very far - the offer still stands if you want to pitch your tent in my back yard.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I would come but I have two brats to watch durning the day. And I wouldn't want to bring along two girls that don't mind. So enjoy yourselves. I'd be there like white on rice if it wasn't for that. :(



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Voted but.....

It really doesn't matter to me how its done with a minimum donation or BYOF/D. As long as the activities are cool I am happy.


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"As long as the activities are cool I am happy."

It doesn't get much cooler than fishing and eating good BBQ does it? :)

Chris Scoones

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Bart said:
I'll bring the bacon and help with prep. Chris - let me know what you need. Bart
Bart, I'm going to marinade with italian dressing before hand. I'll already have the fillets cut up so the only work will be wrapping them with the bacon and the BBQ. Chris
Chris, I think that you should have Chad and myself over to test the albacore out for it's culinary value before next weekend, say this sunday afternoon! I mean you wouldn't want to serve up some miserable tuna fish would you? ;)

Of course this is a service being offered for the benefit of all those who will attend the event of the summer! We wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed now would we?

It is a tough job but someone has to do it! LOL A 12 ounce fillet with just a touch of lemon pepper should do the trick! Some nice local corn on the cob would be nice too! If you don't feel up to a nice German potato salad that would be acceptable. :) Damn, I do love BBQ albacore!



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coming from a Broke Bum I'm with Bring Your Own Junk.

If I can I'll donate something.

I could make some metal fish or something artsy fartsy.
let me know.



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Havok - no matter what, don't let the idea of $10 donation keep you or anyone else away. Nobody will be tracking who has\hasn't donated, and this truly is a donation, not an 'entry fee' or 'cover charge'. If you would prefer to just bring your own food, that is cool too. Just plan to come and have a good time.

If you would like to donate something else (like a cool metal fish) for the drawing, that would be awesome! Just let me know ahead of time as I collect the drawing prizes...
I think it would be good to have a cover charge to pay for meat and utensils. And all the sides such as salads, chips, & sodas can be brought as a potluck.


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Well, as the new cheif cook, you make the food rules :)

I can go for that. But I'd offer up that if guys can't swing the $10, they are free to bring their own food and will be expected to lay off the 'house provided' food. Fair enough??