Snoqualmie River Suggestions?

The wife and kids are away for the weekend so I've got a chance to do some fishing this weekend. Was planning on heading out early tomorrow and was thinking about hitting the Yakima. However, after checking the flows, it seems like it's a little too fast to wade.

With that in mind, thought I'd hit the Snoqualmie instead. Did some fishing last night on the middle fork and south fork. Middle Fork was still off color and didn't see any rises. South Fork by the Fire Academy had a lot of activity but the fish seemed too small to even hook. I'm new to the Snoqualmie and really don't have any idea where are the good stretches to fish. Any suggestions?
almost any area that the river dumps into a pool, behind most rocks, and along downed trees hold fish. I start up at the "Tinkham" exit, i think exit 42 and work my way down river, most fish 6-8" with occasional 10". You really cant go wrong, good luck