Snoqualmie Steelhead FINALLY!!!!

Left work today at the usual time 5:00 and decided to hit the Snoqualmie on the way home. So far this summer she hadn’t put out for me but being the stubborn person I am I was determined to get a little somethin somethin….Got to the river and it was looking SKINNY! I swear if you glassed long enough you could probably make out a steelhead or two holding if they were even there... Got geared up and waded straight across the river this is something I hadn’t tried yet and with the low conditions went for it. After swinging flies for about an hour nada! I decided to wade back so I didn’t have to wade across in the darkness. Since swinging hadn’t been producing pulled plan B out of my arse (indicator set up). Hooked up an indicator with a double fly set up (nymph con juevos). The steelies weren’t cooperating but my indicator was getting dunked constantly from the rainbows biggest at 14” and a couple whities. As visibility was quickly descending I only had a few casts left. Cast, mend, focused on my indicator it went down again this time when I set the hook something BIG was at the end of my line… When the drag started singing that oh so sweet music I knew it was on! As my heart started pounding I thought to myself, I remember this game. The fish darted up about 10 yards then hunkered down. I checked my drag kept the rod tip up and started reeling, this is when she splashed her big tail and took about 75 yards of line and ran down river, this scene played out twice till I landed her. The fruits of my labor brought a nice bright 26” hen to hand. I was able to snap a couple pics with a camera phone but with the lighting conditions and the poor camera quality just didn't give her justice.

Can’t wait to dream tonight :)




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Good work! Nice to see that someone landed one today. Right when you had your steelhead on I had another on but on the Sky. Alas there was no joy for me.

Again, congradulations. I know almost exactly how you feel.


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looks like another 14" rainbow to me....must be the camera :p :p :clown: :clown:

by the way....I got a little present for you :thumb:
pwoens said:
looks like another 14" rainbow to me....must be the camera :p :p :clown: :clown:

by the way....I got a little present for you :thumb:
SWEET! We decided on the 24k plated one right :clown:

Mingo, got her on the juevos rancheros :thumb: