So, curious, what's behind your avatar and username?

My avatar is a picture of me on an outcrop on top of a cliff on Porcupine ridge trail in Utah. I had my buddy take it during a Mountain Bike trip to Moab in 2011.

Username is what my mama gave me.


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Beautiful fish, and I see that you have the vaunted LL Bean basket. Mine cracked, I was heartbroken, best stripping basket ever made, and at least when I bought mine years ago, they were like $19.50, which seems absurd now!

Just an FYI.
These are very popular and a knock-off of the highly regarded old Bean baskets. Many board members use then and they are available at local shops.



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Porter = Homebrewer and multi state winner with " Dirty Deeds Porter" (and HipHop IPA, or something like that...10 years ago)

Avatar =!

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Shortly after WWII ended, I became my Sainted Flyfishing Mother's "surprise" . . . seemed only right that they should give me a name & that was that. The avatar is my pup Hank's first trip of our first season together.


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Still don't feel comfortable putting my name all over the net, so I've stuck with a fake one. Did my senior research project on invertebrates and was fascinated by the diversity and biology of mayflies and stoneflies. I think both names were taken so I went latin and figured the stonefly family was easier to spell.

Avatar gets changed up, but usually its of a fish from a place that's special to me. In this case a Silver from the river I grew up on.


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Well, my name was chosen 'cuz I couldn't post what most of my friends call me after I knock their fish off with the net (hint: Dipsh**). The avatar is of my big-boy toy that I take out in the summers. I'd put up a pic of a fish if I ever caught any!! ;)

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Name- it's me. I did have a different screen name for awhile, but like many others I changed due to overwhelming peer pressure. The avatar pic was taken in the North Cascades while on a helicopter training flight. My last tour in the Navy was at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, where I did search and rescue for several years. Maybe one day I'll change it now that I've retired from the Navy.....


Name are the initials to what used to be my favorite tying material. Pic is my Lab, Brook. She ain't around anymore but the pic is. I'm not comfortable having my name out there for all to see. I'll share it in a PM if we're having a "disagreement" so you know who is belittling you;) I'm wntrrun on another board.

Actually kind of embarrassed my parents named me Ron Jeremy. Sounds too much like a name that would be given to a porn star or sumpin'.
My name because I've been described as such by various folks throughout my life. My avatar because I just find the cornholio version of beavis hilarious.