So I am in the process of making...

My frist spey rod. I have the blank 12-0 8 wt. I just got a smoking deal on a 550 gr skagit head. Am buying a shooting head. So can I attch my leader to the skagit head?? Or do I need to get a floating tip as well as some sinking tips?? Thanks
You need to get, or make, some sinking tips, which can include tapered sinking "leaders," of 10-15 feet. For an 8-weight line, keep them under 140 grains. An assortment of two or three densities will serve your sinking tip needs. You may or may not ever need a floating tip; a skagit head + a floating tip will float, of course, and support a floating/ skating fly, but not as gracefully as a normal floating line will.
I'd go with a dedicated floating line if you plan to do much with one. I like scandi heads, but there are other options. Use the skagit for your sink tips.