So who bought the Hell's Bay skiff?


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Hell's Bay Boatworks is reporting that they're shipping their first skiff to Washington state ever. Is someone taking their carp fishing to the next level or what?


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I wish! I retrofitted an old tri hull with poling/casting platforms this spring.....just have to get that sucker licensed at the end of the month and it is on. Carping is my new favorite endeavor. Seriously.


Coming back in off Alki Pt was a flats skiff being followed around by a really nice center console with twin Mercs. First flats skiff I've seen in Puget Sound. A bit of a coincidence with this thread going and now me seeing that flats boat out there.
I have a friend who bought his flats skiff for Carp fishing and he uses it in the sound and other still water applications. He was on the sound one day standing behind the platform and another boater came along side and asked if the platform was a "fish cleaning station".
Just sold my Mako 284 CC (twin 300 Mercs on it) because i couldn't get it up here from South Savannah Marina. Would have been perfect for the Sound.
4 years ago was at the Puyallup Sportsmans Show and a vendor had a Yellowfin sitting there in the back on display. Heard all kinds of things about it should still be sitting in Miami.
Nevr understood the prejudices against that style of boat being used here.

Anyway, glad to see HB is finally breaking onto the region.

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Nevr understood the prejudices against that style of boat being used here.
here's a couple reasons
-no need for shallow draft for 99.99999999999999999999% of puget sound and coastal fishermen
-the % of anglers actually fly fishing from boats in the salt in washington is tiny
-most saltwater fishing from boats has little to do with needing space to fish. it is almost entirely trolling or vertical presentations (jigging or mooching). ever heard of anyone casting plugs or crankbaits for salmon? even for bottomfishing, few anglers cast jigs.

and i didn't even mention how most people also want a boat that is somewhat capable of going offshore or where currents and/or swells can make standing on an open deck a bit dicey... and the water is a bit colder here.
Funny, Chris, I had zero problems with any of the estuaries between Myrtle Beach and JAX, and the Atlantic was nasty the fist weeks i owned and operated that Mako. Even an aborted run towards the Bahamas(medical issue with my friends wife) wasn't out of the question.
And yes I have heard of people slinging plugs and crankbaits for salmon, and dressing for on the water conditions.

Chris Bellows

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And yes I have heard of people slinging plugs and crankbaits for salmon, and dressing for on the water conditions.
we've all "heard" of people doing it... but have you ever seen or read about it being done? personally i think the pacific northwest gear fishermen are in the dark ages as they use more commercial techniques than sport fishing techniques. why fish downriggers on swiftsure bank (which everyone is doing, both US and canadian) when you could cast a topwater plug and clean up on coho... especially on the days when you cannot get through the silvers to reach the kings.

when 99.5% of people fishing for salmon are trolling what is the point of a great fishing platform? even vertically fishing for halibut, why wouldn't you take advantage of high gunnels in rough water (that's 55 degrees or colder) and a warm cabin. hell, i still ran my diesel heater in the cabin during august at times out at neah bay.

i gave some reasons for why people choose the boats they do in the pacific northwest. if you think a flats boat is appropriate that is great.also, a 284 mako is hardly a flats boat and would be great for fishing in washington state but the gear guys do not need a center console for all the reasons i have mentioned and gear fishermen drive the boat market in the northwest, and even most offshore "fly fishermen" troll and do not need a fishing platform.

i'm going to get more familiar with the fishing in the SW as i now live down here. i will say that in my years of fishing neah bay, it was a rare day where it was calm enough to have anyone fish out of the front of my boats... and that's with high padded gunnels and a 9' beam.

of course, i would gladly run that mako at neah bay... as long as someone else pays the gas :)