Sol Duc/Calawah Rivers?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jonduke, Sep 22, 2001.

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    Im going to be heading over to the Solduc, Calawah, and maybe the Dickey Rivers in early October. How has the fishing been, and how do you think it wil be then, for steelhead, cutts, and salmon? Any advice or info would be greatly appriciated. Also, if anyone knows about some small nearby cutt creeks, please do tell (I was thinking about Kalaloch or Cedar). Thanks-
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    got a partner that lives in forks says water is real low and spooky for fish just rat fink snaggers catch some (mostly now) best bet would be toutle, cowlitz, or kalama. not much of a river dog but he is. hope this helps ben