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Purchased in 2002 for $300 and used 8-10 times since then thus it truly is very close to new and in exceptional condition.

- Large 1" HR Valve
- Unsinkable foam seat with sturdy, adjustable backrest that keeps you riding far above the water.
- PVC bottom, PAC cloth top
- Storage area behind seat perfect for cooler, gear bag, other items.
- 2 large side pockets. Large storage slot on back of seat.
- Stripping apron that works exceptionally well.
- Highly stable in all types of conditions.

Lakes are coming into full swing and this would be a superb time to pick up what is unquestionably the best tube out there. If you are looking to focus on fishing rather than the pain and ire produced by standard offerings, you will be instantly converted by the Fat Cat. There simply is not a more comfortable, aerodynamic, well-constructed platform out there. This one will outlast all other brands by years and provide a level of overall satisfaction that is unmatched.

Based on examination of other similar offerings throughout the country I feel that $175 would be a great deal for this top of the line, barely used tube. I will personally deliver to any location in the Seattle region. Other locations, much appreciated if the buyer would be kind enough to pay for shipping.

Please reply here or at [email protected]
This truly is a fantastic device that can be readily transported in the trunk of a car and inflated in minimal time - you'll be fishing while others are still struggling with their ill-designed, highly uncomfortable rig.


Richard E

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This seems to be a very good deal (I don't know the seller, so I have no personal interest in this).

It appears he has the Super Fat Cat model, which I also have, which is the next model up from the Fat Cat. This is the Outcast, not the lesser cost and leser quality Fish Cat models. I think retail was $349 . . . ?

These are great stillwater craft. Love mine!

This one is actually a Fat Cat but is very similar to the Super. I try to gather as wide a sample as possible to offer what I think is a truly fair price thus thanks for the input. I can assure all that I baby my fishing equipment and think you will be impressed with the quality. Outcast indeed cannot be matched and I look forward to providing someone with a great product with very few hours on it. I'm glad I found this superb site as I have a couple of additional items I will be offering as well and look forward to chatting with some of the members here.
Hope all is well.

Great to hear from you. It is indeed still for sale. I am located in the Kirkland area thus very close to Everett and will be more than happy to deliver it personally. Please check in when you are able and let me know what your thoughts are.
Best regards.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will definitely enjoy this.

Thank you and hope to fish with you soon,

1WT aka Jeff:thumb
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