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    My wife goes to Swains (a sort of general store) and buys our grangdaughter a handful of these (and now it gets tough) things. They are wires twisted together with mylar tinsel wrapped up in them (twisted into the wire) and look like long metalic pipe cleaners about a foot long maybe about a 1/4 " wide. I appropriated a few for my fly tying. I have blue, green, silver, gold and red.

    These will spin around the hook shank just like chenille and I hope to create a lot of good looking stuff for steelhead, searuns and even trout. They will add a bit of weight and the tiny "legs" sparkle from every angle. Very cheap too.

    Bob the Had to share> :ray1:
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    Yeah I have found those before too, they work great for flash patterns. I used them for the bodies of "boss" patterns. You can also make them in a dubbing block, but it is a pain in the butt and should be left to a machine to do. My wife works at a warehouse of decrotive crap, the christmas stuff starts coming thorugh in June, can't wait so much goodies to find. . .