Some of my patterns I would like to share

I have tying fever in the worst way (cant wait to get tying again) so I figured I would share some of my successful patterns I have tied over the years

Holy photo dump! Great ties and great pictures. I wish they had names on them (at least the previously named patterns) so I could match the pictures up with things I've read or heard.
alot of those patterns are variants I made or my own creation. All are successful. If you want more info on any of them send me a pm!
Good stuff. I especially like the banded midges larvae and the damsel fly nymph. You need a website with some good server-side gallery software
Thanks guys, once I get tying gear again ill definitely post more patterns, I have lots of salmon and steelhead patterns to.

Heres are some pictures I could find quickly of fish caught by flys above.