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    after being locked inside for the last week with a nasty cold, i decided to go to my parents place and kick my big younger brother off the xbox and take him fishing (my baby bro is 10 years younger than i but he has about 4 inches an 50lbs on me and im not petite).
    we got to the super secret bass pond at about 7pm just when they start getting really greedy. most of the spawning activity was on hold because the water level dropped about a foot in the last week and a half killing a number of beds.

    we started off with big wooly buggers but nothing was having any part of it. i have been fishing this pond for the last 22 years and i believe that i have single handedly genetically programed these fish to be ultra picky. back in the day they would hit buzz baits, sluggos, and any thing that slightly resembled food. now the pout and stare at anything that isnt presented perfectly or worked realistically. this is the first time they have been fished this year and they are super spooky. i had to hide behind the brush or everything with 20 yards would scare.

    after the wooly buggers didnt recieve any love we continued to down size our flies. i finally picked a gorgeous half pounder up with a size 12 chernoble ant. this little critter sipped that fly as daintily as a spring creek trout. then for the next half hour nuthen! finally gave up my topwater bill dance mash the surface dreams for a micro Crawdad pattern and picked up 8more bass from the quarter pound to half pound range.

    just as i was all blissed out and happy that i once again slaughtered my baby bro at fly fishing, the kid shouts "i got one!" i look over and can see he is playing another quarter pound micro bass, and then he screams "OH MY GODLOOKADIS!!" he had the little bass about 3feet from shore when a freaking Huge gran-daddy bass swoops in and nails his fish and breaks his line.

    im not sure how big the mudder was but i do know why all the little guys were on edge.

    we had to head home soon after, saving the big kahuna for another day.

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