Some thoughts for the eastside tying group

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by IveofIone, Nov 7, 2004.

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    This could apply to others as well but since the eastsiders are getting serious about getting a group thing going I direct it at them.

    Some years back when I lived in the Vancouver area I had grown increasingly weary of the Fly Club rigidity and polictial BS. Although there were some excellent guys involved and some I still fish with-there was also the other side of the coin as well. You know the kind of people I mean, guys that remind you of an antique radio-one station and no volume control. Putting up with their nonsense once a month was bad enough but get them on a club outing and stir in a little booze and you have a recipe for true embarassment. I decided to drop out and form my own group and concentrate primarily on tying. No politics, no dues, no officers and no entangling affiliations.

    We formed a loose group of 4-5 guys and met every 4-6 weeks depending on the season. The group was small enough that we could easily rotate from house to house and not wear out our welcome at any one residence. The format was always pretty much the same-bring steaks and barbque fixin's for the grill, drinks, and tying materials for the scheduled flys. The wife at the host house usually graciously provided a sumptuous desert. It was always a relaxed evening with good friends and good tiers and usually welcome relief to mid-week tedium. Occasionally we would bring in a guest tier to show us some things that we hadn't learned yet and that was a refreshing break as well.

    I would start a similar group up here if I could but as far as I know I am the only fly tier in Pend Oreille County! An army of one.

    Of the two formats suggested-tying in homes or tying at the shop-I would think that tying at peoples homes would be by far more satisfying. I have tied at shop settings before and was always anxious to get it over with and get out. Never once at a shop have I had a grilled T-bone, a good ale or apple pie ala mode. A shop is where you make money, a home is where you make friends.

    As much as I would love to join in and be part of the group the distance is just too great. The drive home after dark on icy deer-infested roads makes little sense when I could be safe at home in front of a warm fire. Perhaps we could have a weekend event at my place next spring and fish the local waters. You could either pitch a tent on the property or stay at any number of lakes that have campgrounds in the area. Kick it around and we'll see what develops. Ive
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    I would love to do that in the spring after all the snow has disappeared. But from my place to yours is quite a haul. Your damn near in Alaska aren't you. Or pretty darn near close. Gonna have to do a map quest thing and see how far away you are. :beathead:

    From Marysville to Ione. Ouch That distance woild take a few of these :beer2:

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    Ivan: Great thoughts it sounds like what I was thinking about when I originally brought it up. Although I dont think we should wait until spring to get together. I was hoping to have a Saturday in January when we could meet, eat and tie some flies. It could happen in the afternoon and still get you back to the north country by 8pm or so. That would be a one time special event. On the other hand these ideas sound great for a monthly group though how about it guys.
    jesse clark
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    Jesse and Ive,

    Sounds great to me. I like the idea of getting together in homes, but there may be other alternatives as well. :thumb: