sore shoulders and spey rods

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We have the makings of a real Spey Opera here - think Don Quixote and his sidekick Sancho Panza with spey rods.

Pan swears he's caught lots of steelhead, so old and frail Leroy follows him further upstream with promises of casting instruction and a chance to see one of the mythical beasts.

Good advice from Ed - the most frequently irritated by spey casting are the ligaments and tendons around the rotator cuff of the dominant shoulder. Not like that's ever happened to me :p

Thanks Salmo G, good advice, like most( Other than the self proclaimed Professional from the panhandle)
I have work to do on casting! I did tighten up my stroke a bit the last few days alla Henrich Mortensen, and man the makes a huge diff-

Thanks Garth, Iv'e heard of that book, will check it out-

Gotcha Spaz, makes sense- My Chiropracter said the same thing....

Pan, Pan , PANNNNN.... Where do I start wit you lil buddy???:rofl:
I told you we should fish this season, but you were too busy catching all the fish, to take the time to help out a newby this year. You need to consider giving something back to a less fortunate learning angler like ME !!! Common man, I need your help! You catch them, I'll measure and take the pics, what a team we could be !!!:rofl::rofl:
Never had a sore shoulder from casting any rod. Yes, carpal tunnel for a day or two. Yes, lateral epicondylitis, but not since I stopped using a SH rod for steelhead.

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C'mon, Salmo- man up! With one-arm push-ups, use just your index finger and thumb.
Similarly with one-arm chin-ups, wrap only your index finger over the bar.


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Why would I do that? At my age, I've got nothing to prove and no one I want to impress. It does raise the question, however, why use a rod at all? I tried the hand casting thing back in the 70s when shown by Doug Swisher. I concluded it was less fun and would deny me the pleasure of collecting a closet full of fly rods.



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Just man up, drink some scotch (or whatever is your drink of choice), take painkillers and go fish! Better living through chemistry!

Okay, seriously, take some casting instruction... you probably shouldn't be working as hard. Unless you're casting a 15' rod with a long belly and beating yourself up like I do every once in a while!


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I did give more than passing thought to this thread, and something else occurred to me yesterday that makes all the difference in the world...

Balanced Tackle.
The better you get at casting, the faster you can tell if an outfit is optimized. You can get real tired real fast, even casting with good technique, with an underweight longbelly, a scandi head that's too long, etc. because of the unnnatural little compensatory movements that it takes to get a decent cast out. Good casters can do this for awhile, but nobody's a superman.

This is why there's a big box of lines in my mancave, and why I have particular reels I'll use with particular rods. I'm always fiddling about trying to improve the rod/line match, and the Spaz/outfit/conditions match.
It all adds up to nicer days on the river.

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Well, now that we morphed from What exercises to why , here's a pearl or two that helped me recently-
Though Iv'e yet to be to the "Panhandle's school of professional speeey casting, by an internet superstar" class... I here first weeks tuition is turning in a lufkin to him that starts at 12" ....:rofl::rofl::rofl: BTW, I told you great fish man, wish I had one like that, someday...:thumb::thumb::thumb:
I'm a decent/average caster . I have solved some issues lately, By going with some Mortensons suggestions. For me, keeping the elbow tight to my side really is the key. This causes me to swivel my hips and create the energy from my trunk . Also, not sure why, but I notice it in my bicept, not in my shoulder or elbow. This is a good thing, and Bicepts are much tougher than the other two. I was shocked at to how much power is generated by making this small adjustment, Distance was still good- Makes basic sense to me , leverage is created buy keeping in close, not extended out away from the base.
Good discussion....
Get yourself a bicycle tire inner tube, hook it around your foot or solid object, straight arm raises front, side and rear. Shoulder rotation, elbow tucked in tight, hand moving from front to side and side to front. Elbow out at side, arm bent 90*, rotate hand from top to forward position and then from forward position to top.
Tried these last night. The straight arm raises were OK, but can't figure out how to do the shoulder rotations without spilling beer. Guess I just need more practice.


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Leroy, I should be over there this week. I'll even bring my magic measuring tape. Adds, roughly, an inch to every inch. I like the metric system too, so I made a tape that combines the best of both continents.

Leroy Laviolet

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Shweet, we got more time ! I'm not gonna tell you when I'm fishing in Febuary, juss gonna keep it in my closet !:rofl:
You headed oversees for a few months on the 21st of dec er what??