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Karl expressed an interest in getting some bismuth shot. I'd think there are several others on the forum that might also be interested.

I have a fellow that does group buys of Bismuth. He requires at least 50 pounds by committed purchasers. The last group buy he did was 200 pounds. The smallest amount for a person is 5 pounds. 5 pounds will net you 80 one ounce loads, 106 three quarter ounce loads (can you tell sub-gauges are my favorites ?) This equates to a little over a buck a round. Commercial bismuth, if you can find it, runs around $25 for 10 rounds. Going rates at commercial supply houses such as Precision Reloading is around $23.00 a pound. His rate varies around $16-$17 a pound.

I'm going to try and get another group buy going very soon, I'll be checking on the Upland Journal, 16ga. Society, 28ga. Society, and other upland hunting boards.

If you are serious about reloading bismuth and want to buy some shot, please reply either here or on a PM to me.

Details are being gathered and will be shared soon.


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BTW, I have no monetary interest in this, just making bismuth affordable to reloaders. Here's the information from the last group buy. All I do is round up prospective buyers, myself included.

Who is Phil Lund:
In his words, "I'm just a fellow hunter/shooter. I wouldn't be sharing/selling my experiences/shot if it wasn't good. Even if the BCC was still in business, I would make and use my own stuff because (besides being cheaper) my testing has shown that my 5-6% stuff is superior to their 3% stuff. I'm not really trying to profit on this stuff. I use it myself, but can't justify all the R&D and production costs for only my personal use. That's why I do it."

The Bismuth shot he uses:
His shot is 95/5 (bismuth/tin) compared to the retail shot which is 97/3. As he explains it, "I myself have found 3% tin to be inadequate to reduce fracturing. My testing with unbuffered loads of original BCC factory shot resulted in up to a 20% fracture rate. Buffered loads were much better averaging around 12%. I try to use a 5-6% tin content. This seems to be the best compromise between maximum possible density vs. pellet structural integrity. Unbuffered fracture rates averaged about 11%, and buffered loads dropped to abound 5%. I even had one tested buffered load that often had NO fractures. My pellets are also much more round and free from external defects. I'm not sure on their (BCC) finishing methods, but I run mine in a tumbler for at least six hours. This cleans them up to be a much more 'perfect looking' pellet than I had ever seen from the BCC."

The Bismuth shot sizes he offers:
Phil offers the following shot sizes - #7 1/2, #6, #5, and #4. His shot has an average 1oz pellet count of: #6 = 228, #5 = 172, and #4 = 138. We don't have the average pellet count for #7 1/2 but you can ask Phil to provide that information if you desire. His #6, 5, and 4 are a little large compared to retail Bismuth since they about equal the lead count numbers.

Please work with Phil on shipping details but this is what he has posted - US Postal Service "Flat-Rate-Boxes" up to 10 lbs for $5 anywhere in the USA. Larger orders (up to 50 lbs) fit in the larger flat rate box for $13.95.

Payment Options:
Phil will work with you on payment options and processing.

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"Karl expressed an interest in getting some bismuth shot. I'd think there are several others on the forum that might also be interested."

Roper, how do you handle getting checked in the field for using non-toxic shot?? Do they cut open your shells at random??


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Vladimir, WDFW officers should have meters that they scan over the shell. If it's lead, the meter beeps and you get a ticket. Steel loads can be checked with a magnet.

I've never been checked, but I'm trying to be frugal and pro-active at the same time.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
Thanks I had heard that they were just using a magnet for checking steel or lead.

Guess that means I better clean out the shells that I use for reloading.

I know this thread is nearly a year old, but I'm wondering if any of you are still getting bismuth shot from Paul Lund... or know of another source... or know of information on making your own bismuth shot... or know of a source for bismuth.

Mike Krall
Lander, Wyo.


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There's a fellow on the 16ga. Society site that has a group purchase going, check in and get your name on the list...

I didn't realize 16ga. Society was a subscription service. Is there any way you know of to contact the group purchase outside of their forum or contact Paul Lund directly?