South Bend Info

I just came into a South Bend No. 24, 9', 4 piece bamboo rod and I'm just curious if anyone has any background info on this particular line of rods?

Also, it is missing the 'female' part of the ferrule on the 3rd piece - any thoughts on where I could find one of those?



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If the grip is a reverse half wells it is a 1936 model #24 and if it has a flat spot for your thumb at the top end of the cork grip it is a 1942 model #24. The 1936 model sold for $16 and the 1942 model for $25. South Bend were the low end models and the Cross Rod models were the high end rods. Wes Jordan was the company's rod shop manager during this time period.

For a replacement ferrule you might start at Bailey Woods Classic Sporting Enterprises in VT @ 802-888-7859 or Golden Witch Rods online. You will have to purchase a ferrule pair and plan to spend a fair piece of change for the pair as they are not inexpensive.

Hi Psjatc,
What measurement do you get for the male ferrule that matches where the female ferrule would be? If you have micrometer, take a measurement of the SLIDE portion of the male ferrule, then email me at [email protected] and I'll check if I have any extras in my basement, as I restore and repair cane rods.

Are the ferrules shiny nickle silver, or a more subdued heat-treated ferrule that won't shine like a chrome fender? S. Bend made both types, so for me to find the correct type, I'd need to know which I'm looking for...

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